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place a synagogue, mosque, and a church in the same plot of land

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It is a plot of land split into 3 equal plots of land. One will hold a synagogue, a mosque, and a church.

In the middle of all 3, is another building. It will be a shared space for all 3 religions. Also will contain a security force to protect all three plots of land (preferably staffed by atheist).

This setup will be used in major conflict zones involving religious politics between these 3 religions. Suitable candidates: Turkey. Jerusalem, etc...

(why not include a pagan plot of land? Well the purpose of this setup, is to provide an equal and shared space to sort out differences between communities. This idea but modified could apply to other problems perhaps as well, e.g. shia vs sunni divide .)

mofosyne, Jun 07 2013

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The Christian Cross and Jewish Star of David stand together in front of Genesis of Ann Arbor at 2309 Packard St. The worship space is co-owned by St. Clare's Episcopal Church and Jewish reform Temple Beth Emeth. [LoriZ, Jul 23 2013]

close to baked http://www.bbc.co.u...s/magazine-27872551
[calum, Jun 22 2014]


       There are non-"denominational" chapels all over the place and also the likes of Alhambra - church inside a mosque as a form of the Roman Catholic Church giving Islam the finger. In Aberdeen, there's a church which allows Muslims to pray as an overflow to the mosque next door. Nonetheless, maybe - not sure how new it is.   

       However, i'm actually here to be pedantic. Atheism is a belief or an absence of a belief about a specific concept, not the absence of religion. There are religious atheists, non-religious theists, atheist religions and so forth. Atheism vs religion is a false dichotomy. I would say something like "staffed by a secularist" or "staffed by a non-religious person", those being two separate things because secularism includes religious theists who may be committed to pluralism including belief systems which posit the non-existence of the supernatural.   

       However, once again i've commented on a religiously-themed idea.
nineteenthly, Jun 07 2013

       Isn't this Israel?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2013

       This should be a turducken style affair, most recently sprung abrahamic religion on the outer layer, with the "oldest" at the innermost.
calum, Jun 07 2013

       not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2013 huh? wut?   

       calum, Jun 07 2013 So kind of like an onion? Might pose a bit of a problem in terms of building architecture
mofosyne, Jun 07 2013

       Rooms within rooms - not unpossible and it would be particularly attractive if you went from, I dunno, the moorish splendour of the Alhambra within which sits a giant Yorkminster (maybe something more Vaticany for scale purposes), within which sits a replica of (not a replacement for, don't want to get into eschatalogical difficulties) the Second Temple.
calum, Jun 07 2013

       I love [calum]'s idea of a //turducken// turchurhen, but I'm most certain you have forgotten to include the Church of No Pants.
xandram, Jun 07 2013

       So, is your Mosque Sunni, or Shiite, or Sufi, or... Is your Church Catholic, or Lutheran, or Baptist, or Seventh Day Adventist, or Orthodox, or... Is your synagogue Reform, or Hasidic, or Conservatve, or... What are you doing for the Buddhists, and the Shinto, and the Hindu, and...   

       Mostly I'm just pointing out that the grouping you propose really doesn't deal with 90%+ of the cases out there. The actual point, of a joint building isn't so bad, but the dividing line you chose to illustrate isn't that great.   

       And [Ninteenthly], I think you're thinking of the Mezquita in Cordoba, not the Alhambra, which is a Palace inside a Palace as a form of the Holy Roman Emperor giving the Caliphs the finger (much less religious overtones).
MechE, Jun 07 2013

       A rabbi, an imam and a priest walk into a real-estate office...
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2013

       Denominational squabbles are best dealt with by giving them rooms inside the mother building, size determined by number of followers, location determined by temporal proximity of schism, leaving the various denominational whittlings of the protestant church looking in some places more like a mailrack than a corridor.
calum, Jun 07 2013

       How about a plain hall, with a schedule-timetable posted beside the door?
pocmloc, Jun 07 2013

       I visited a mosque/church/synagogue in Morocco that isn't just on the same plot of land, they're all in the same building and have been for three hundred years. I'm pretty sure it's in Rabat, but it may be in Merrikech or Casablanca. Definitely not in Fez.   

       Anyway, it's been baked by the Saharan sun for centuries.
Alterother, Jun 07 2013

       //not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2013 huh? wut?   

       Erm, well Israel is a plot of land, which might charitably be described as being divided into three equal* sections, which has mosques, churches and synagogues, sometimes with two or more kinds of places of worship within the same bit.   

       Perhaps Jerusalem would have been a better example, as places of worship do seem almost contiguous.   

       *Assuming "equal" does not refer to area, perhaps population?   

       NB Would Smurfs be Abrahamic? Linkee.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2013

       not_morrison_rm, Jun 07 2013 Doesn't that describes most countries? Most have a mosques, churches and synagogues. But this particular concept is more of a specific architecture built for a specific purpose, not organically built. (e.g. can't just slap a church and a mosques next to each other and call it a day)   

       Jerusalem is a better example, but I believe is still pretty organic.
mofosyne, Jun 08 2013

       Depending upon whom you ask, the Temple Mount is the rightful site of a church, a synogogue, or a mosque. It certainly has been each at various times. According both to the collective wisdom of the faithful andor to those who see time as non-linear, it is therefore all three.
Alterother, Jun 08 2013

       Hear, hear.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2013

       Alterother, Jun 08 2013   

       Sooo a holy place is not constraint by three dimensions?
mofosyne, Jun 08 2013

       Faith is constrained only by the dimensions of the soul.
Alterother, Jun 08 2013

       Palestinians complained that the Israelis took over empty buildings, one being a mosque. They asked the Israelis how they could tell that god was out at the time.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2013

       A bartender walks into a synagogue, a church, and a mosque...
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 08 2013

       Why not build a single hybrid building, and call it a Cynoma?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2013

       There's a name for that place: A Zionist plot.   

       Also, the movie "a touch of spice" may give you a glimpse into why this never works.
pashute, Jul 21 2013

       // Faith is constrained only by the dimensions of the soul //   

       Plenty of Zero-Point energy in your case, then ...
8th of 7, Jul 22 2013

       Ensure each building is structurally dependant on the others - and make sure everybody knows it.   

       That way, anybody from one group who wants to destroy one or more of the other buildings will also be destroying the one that they regard as special.
monojohnny, Jul 22 2013

       Kind of a nice allegory for your planet's biosphere, then.
8th of 7, Jul 22 2013

       // Plenty of Zero-Point energy in your case, then ... //   

       How else do you think I became completely impervious to destruction?
Alterother, Jul 23 2013

       whats the punchline
bob, Jun 22 2014

       Chunks is the name of my dog.
calum, Jun 23 2014


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