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Porn Conscription

Get called up for national service
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Randomly chosen people are consripted for evil government funded porn video shoots. Those not complying are put in prison etc. Sales would be huge when by-chance a celebrity was chosen or someone you know/dislike was made to participate in unsavoury group sex acts.
benfrost, Jun 20 2001

Black Mirror http://en.wikipedia..._National_Anthem.22
[calum, Nov 02 2012]

(kind of) Baked in North Korea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kippumjo
[Voice, Nov 02 2012]

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       Brilliant - conscripts should be selected that work in the same place, or live near eachother. Family members should probably be excluded, though. What about who are allowed to have sex - monks/traffic wardens etc. ? They'd have to enter speed-eating contests or something to make up for it. Videos also available.
lubbit, Jun 20 2001

       You could combine it with things like jury service or military service (if this has not yet been phased out already where you live) on the basis you can't object to all of them.
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       How is this not government-sponsored rape?
bookworm, Jun 20 2001

       It is really. But this is the evil government section!
benfrost, Jun 20 2001

       So in other words it is splendidly appropriate ...
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       You could add a "wheel-of-fortune" for randomly picking which sex acts are to be committed. Items on the wheel are:   

       Beastiality: Gay sex: Group Sex: Self Pleasure...you get the idea.
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       Why? There are clearly enough volunteers.

Wouldn't an evil government try to prevent people participating in and partaking of porn?
sirrobin, Jun 20 2001

       While there are numerous people like ourselves..I mean yourselves, that would welcome such a thing, the vast majority would be appalled by the idea of random sex acts with total strangers that are displayed for public viewing...hence the whole "evil" government thing.
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       I didn't realize there even *was* a "public:evil" section. (Why?)
bookworm, Jun 20 2001

       Hasn't this been done by the soldiery of various armies? Well, in those cases I guess only one of the participants was a forced participant and videotapes were not (usually) made. But the soldiers were paid agents of their government, so that part's right.   

       Paradox: I would like to vote for good ideas. Ideas filed under Evil are by definition not [good-ethical] but they may be [good-appropriate] in the given context. So, vote from gut feeling: sardine.
Dog Ed, Jun 20 2001

       bookworm: Decent halfbaked ideas often have to be a bit crazy. People are theoreticaly supposed to be good so ideas for evil people, organisations and governments fall into the bizarre category. This allows people to find amusing faults, propose amusing solutions and maybe think a little about why they are evil.   

       Soon someone will post an idea here that is not "evil" enough ...
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       [waugsqueke] Ahh, you may have inadvertantly struck on the entire reason why this is sooo evil. It should be "required viewing." Sure, once in awhile you might get a gem, but for the most part it would really suck (and not in a good way). That and destroying the porn industry <shudder>...
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       Hang on though, hamburger resturants don't destroy the quality resturant business and tabloids don't destroy the makets of broadsheets. This conscription porn might even highlight the valuable social role that voluntary porn stars perform to bring an undervalued media to the porn-consuming masses.
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       [Aristotle]Thank you for pointing that out...I was getting worried.
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       As we walked along the flatblock marina, i was calm on the outside but thinking all the time. So it was to be Georgie the general saying what we should do and what not to do and Dim as his mindless grinning bulldog. But suddenly I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones and the oomny ones used like inspiration and what Bog sends. Well now, it was lovely music that came to my aid. There was a window open with the stereo on and I viddied right at once what to do......
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       waugsqueke: The pornography suggested here is by conscription for government funded porn video shoots. benfrost is not suggesting compulsory personal, public leudness on a national scale. Instead it would presumably be collected and published for voluntary public consumption.   

       I have to say this is a pretty bizarre conversation.
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       Thinking now it would be very evil if your loved ones were forced to participate - your mother or wife/girlfriend for example . .
benfrost, Jun 21 2001

       Getting a bit off-topic, but...   

       Dog Ed: I fail to see how any "public:evil" idea can be good (in terms of appropriateness, not morality), since if they were appropriate they'd fall into another category. Admittedly, we only have three examples so far, but none are really appropriate (using my narrow, unpopular definition that a good idea is one that is both possible and useful). Topics that don't have a chance in hell of being baked (so to speak) aren't ideas to me, but just mutual mental masturbation (again, so to speak).   

       Aristotle: Decent halfbaked ideas may have the luxury of being a bit crazy (though I disagree that this is a necessity), but I don't see why ideas that (if taken seriously) are plainly stark raving nuts should be encouraged.   

       I think I've been enough of a curmudgeon for tonight. What I should do (and will, soon) is just compose a stock rant about what I think the HB should be and post it on my user page.
bookworm, Jun 21 2001

       First wire taps, now this. At least this has some profit potential. Balance government coffers and satisfy the porn lobby. Sounds like a great fiscal solution!
Asinine, Mar 24 2006

       You need to pitch this idea to Kim Jong Il.
digitalwarrior03, Mar 25 2006


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