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Sheep Prostitution

pimping sheep as a cost-effective means of sexual gratification
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People in rural areas of the world have been having sex with farm animals since the beginning of time (or at least Day 6 of the Bible as I gather). The problem is that contempory city-dwellers find it a wee bit objectionable because of moral implications involving beastiality and what-not. However, if pimps were to add sheep to their repetory of employees, it would mainstream the idea of sex with farm animals . . . at a cost much less than that involving his more highly paid employees. This kind of "animalistic" sex, nonetheless, would merely remain an alternative to conventional ideas of sexual behavior not overtaking the moral majority, just as sex with prostitutes remains a sketchy alternative to dating and marriage. As for condoms, most sheep come with their own lambskin.
ofersh, Jul 31 2000

(?) Down side of bestiality http://darwinawards...ersonal2001-12.html
Ouch [dare99, Jan 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       if you can Think up ThaT, perhaps you could rewriTe This song To help sell The idea.   

       <admin: dead URL removed from this spot. -- bristolz>   

       Your a sick dude -ofersh, whaT's your nexT idea, driving Through Tacobell for a gooey encheriTo and wrapping your cock in ThaT as well? ever hear The red hoT chili peppers sing sir psycho sexy? i donT Think The line 'like a ram geTTing ready To jam The lamb' was To be Taken liTerally.
Testy, Aug 03 2000

       There was a young man named Dave who met a sheep at a Rave. He said I'll admitt; I might be a shit, but think of the money I save.
CButts, Aug 03 2000

       For a minute there I thought this was going to be another bad taste joke about New Zealanders.
Alcin, Aug 12 2000

       New Zealand....where men are men and the sheep are scared......
Susen, Dec 12 2000

       Well, I doubt it'd work when there are so many humans who'll go down for pocket change.But I'm voting for it because you wrote it up so suave (sic).
Dolophine, Dec 13 2000

       Torturing innocent animals to satisfy a pervert's sex drive. I can smell the stink from here.
antoniebrentano, Jan 26 2001

       Yet one more way to be fleeced by the adult sex industry. And pimps want their "girls" to dress the part; what does a wooly temptress wear? No, this is a baaaad idea.
Hawaii Boy, Feb 01 2001

       What can I say?! It'd go down well in Wales.
mooky, Jan 24 2002

       There will never be another ewe.
dandr, Mar 31 2002

       For people who want to try on something in wool.
dandr, Apr 01 2002

       You should be lambasted. Develop your chops on another idea, this one is baaaaad.
normzone, Feb 12 2004

       Just to play devil's advocate: Wouldn't we rather have perverts exploiting sheep than members of our own species? Hell, I'd rather people screwed sheep than sex slaves.
TerranFury, Feb 13 2004

       What's the age of consent for a sheep anyway...?   

       I'd like to point out as well that this was already baked in the original Red Dwarf novel - except they were all robots then 'cos it was the future, like...
blindingphil, Feb 13 2004


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