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Toilet Mood Ring

for hippies
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Sorry if this idea already exists (I vaguely remember an idea along similar lines), but here goes. Using the surface on those stupid little "are you a good kisser" cards (if you don't know what they are, you place your thumb on a black square and it changes color by the heat), you could create a seat that shows you just how damn cold or warm it is before you sit down. As an added bonus, you can see how fat the last person to use it was, and write messages to people on your asscheek marks with popsicles!
AfroAssault, Jun 22 2001


       Write messages...! AfroAssault, I was just looking up toilet seat patents, and I found a seat that weighs you and one that measures your body fat, a bunch of heated-seat patents, and one for a liquid-cushioned seat. I did not see a color-change seat patent though, so you may be in the clear. (Plug: these and more will appear on the HB Helper site with the next update.)
Dog Ed, Jun 22 2001

       I think the thermochromic graffiti is a nice touch.
wiml, Jun 22 2001

       You kiss with your thumb?
beauxeault, Jun 22 2001

       Of course
thumbwax, Jun 22 2001

       Would the Mood Toilet Duck get rid of the Mood Toilet Ring?
neph, Jun 23 2001

       he's all old and grown up you know now. possibly married with 5 kids - such a shame. what happens if you shout pirates these days?
po, Dec 10 2002

       I've been living in a shack out in the desert, surviving off scorpions and cobra venom for the last few months. Times were rough for a while, but then a magic leprechaun drove his Porsche into my shack during a drinking binge and I sued his ass for 2 pots of gold. Now I live like a king! I have five ingrates executed daily for my own enjoyment and make anything that displeases me punishable by death.
AfroAssault, Dec 10 2002


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