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Toilet Duplexer

two plus two
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You know the situation, you need to go but you're doing something interesting, such as rummaging in the HB. So you hang on till you can't hold it in any more and then rush like a man being chased by a rabid animal to the bathroom.

You approach the bathroom at a run and as the door closes in front of you, you catch a fleeting glimpse of a rolled up newspaper or a book as the fiend who beat you to it ensconces themselves for a good old sit. ( I said sit! )

Now weeping from the pain of sitting on a horses head for twenty minutes you collapse on the floor and wish that you had a Toilet Duplexer.

The Toilet Duplexer is a bit like a telephone socket splitter. It fits on top of a regular toilet and has two shallow bowls side by side. An inlet pipe on the duo-bowl connects up to a regular cold water tap to facilitate sluicing of detritus into the master bowl where it can be flushed as normal. Also supplied is an optional modesty screen which can be placed between the two slave bowls.

There are a number of situations where this product could come in handy:

- In a shared house, where fights over the bathroom are common.

- When having a wild party, one bowl could be designated as the big white phone on which one could call Ruth or Huey.

Couples who are unable to share any thing could have a his and hers/ his and his /hers and hers setup

Potentially there could be more than two slave bowls but there could be problems with balance and capacity of the master.

rambling_sid, Dec 29 2004


       I suppose the master bowl could be divided all the way down, that way you would only get your own splash back
rambling_sid, Dec 29 2004

       Better plan: have two toilets, perhaps one upstairs and - revolution - one downstairs. Amazingly, this one avoids the [m-f-d] gross out humour as there's a genuine idea here, but it's still a bit grim.
david_scothern, Dec 29 2004

       could you pass some paper, thanks.
benfrost, Dec 30 2004

       [david] Not every one would be able to install a second toilet, they may not have room or may not own the property or they may not be able to afford it. I know it is a bit gross but I believe it presents a novel solution to this problem.   

       [benfrost] I wouldn't eat paper in the first place.
rambling_sid, Dec 30 2004

       I'm having trouble visualizing this.
daseva, Jan 21 2007

       I _wish_ I was having trouble visualizing this.
keefe42, Jan 22 2007

       I wonder if these duplexers could be stacked? So, with seven duplexers arranged in three layers (and a stepladder) you'd have eight simultaneously usable toilets.
hippo, Jan 22 2007

       Realizing that the water and the waste will not touch my underside during the duplexing phase of the experience, I would not feel comfortable with someone elses poo in my toilet while I am using it. After taking a dump, I always look back in the bowl to inspect my feces to evaluate everything from the texture and the amount left behind to making sure that there isn't blood or some sort of odd coloring. During this process I would not want to attempt to compare my feces to that of someone else.
Jscotty, Jan 22 2007

       At the fair they had what appeared to be an old horse through for a side by side by side urinal. Wet floor. Never could go there. Even if there was a need.   

       A cheek by cheek bowl sounds worse.
popbottle, Jun 04 2013


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