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Powervoice Megaphone

Changes your voice in to a voice people do listen to.
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Let's say you are a father that wants get your children inside for dinner. But as allways, they do not listen to you, no matter how hard you scream. Untill mother enters the scene and after one yell: 'DINNER!' , and in a sec, all the children get inside. With the Powervoice Megaphone the frequency of father's voice will be changed into the frequency of mother's voice, and voila, your power as a father (?) is back!

Of course, there are multiple other situations thinkable, that the Powervoice Megaphone can help you out.

BartJan, Jan 07 2002

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       After reading I can't get rid of this image of Bush on ground zero with a megaphone, speaking to the people with his wife's voice....
Pleez, Jan 07 2002

       excellent! Can I have Marlene Dietrich's voice please?
lewisgirl, Jan 07 2002

       Only if you're Mr Dietrich.
angel, Jan 07 2002

       Mr. Dietrich, I presume?
BartJan, Jan 08 2002


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