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How to walk with a pram without getting soaked
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If this has already been invented and someone knows where to buy one PLEASE TELL ME! You can't push a pram and hold an umbrella, or you can but you will crash every five yards and Junior won't like you very much. An umbrella which is really tall and attached to your pram handles would be a cracking solution.
daisydoo, Sep 06 2008

first google hit! http://boohoobaby.c...=froogle&prodid=145
sorry, daisy. [po, Sep 06 2008]

Here you go - Well, not really, but it's related. Retractable_20Wheelchair_20Umbrella
[normzone, Sep 08 2008]


       Haha that will teach me not to do my research.
daisydoo, Sep 08 2008

       Don't sweat it, and [po]'s link is obviously inferior: simply a normal brolly duct-taped to the pram handle. What you really want is a folding top for the operator designed in much the same way as the folding top for the occupant.
FlyingToaster, Sep 08 2008


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