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Simulated Car Seat

Better than an automatic swing.
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Babies often fall rapidly to sleep while riding in a car seat, but it's not always convenient to drive them around. This product feels like a real car seat, including the sounds and vibrations of a real car in motion. Also functions as an interesting infant psychology project.

Babie-sized VR goggles sold seperately.

centauri, Feb 15 2001


       theres a bit of shorts with my ps2 so you can use plastic it holds the wires in place the plastic will be over the wires like a case
tree2, Nov 28 2002

       a robot dog that flies and jumps fowlows you and acts like a camera it actualy sits up in the corner recording
tree2, Nov 28 2002

       (averts eyes from tree2's notes for fear of losing marbles) What a great idea. I think I will fall asleep on trains and in cars for the rest of my life, trains are particularly sleep-inducing I find, so maybe an adult version for the insomniacs amongst us?
Ludwig, Nov 29 2002

       When I was young, my parents ysed to drive me around and around until I'd fall asleep, until they discovered that they could just stick me in... er, I mean on top of the dryer in my car seat.
ben_krak, Jul 05 2004

       Baked- somewhat- they have a baby seat that vibrates, but it does not have a big seat belt like car seats do.   

       You would want to sell the seat with crunched up cherrio's in it to make it look real.
macncheesy, Jul 06 2004

       I just read tree2's annos, and have one question:   

       Am I drunk? I don't think I drank anything.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005


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