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Pushchair Extend-O legs

Pavement calamity averted...
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The Pushchair Extend-O Legs will eliminate the trials of getting these cumbersome vehicles on and off pavements.
Pressure sensors in each leg would - when there is no upwards pressure on them - extend until they sense pressure, and lock into place.
This would mean that when going off a pavement, each leg would extend as it passes the kerb, allowing for a jolt-free ride for the child and a hassle free journey for the pusher. When going back up onto the pavement on the opposite side of the road, proximity sensors would cause the wheels to retract in time. The automatic retraction can be activated or de-activated by the pusher, to stop obstructions from setting them off (For Example - Other children, dogs etc) and a single button will fully extend/retract the wheels to their original positions if needed.
The sensors, and the motors to resize the legs, can be powered by a dynamo on each wheel (Pushchairs I have seen have anywhere between 3 and 12 wheels).
The kerbs of pavements generally don't get higher than around 15 CM so the extensions need not be too drastic.
fridge duck, Jul 22 2005

Pushchair Photo http://www.internet...okio-Pushchair.html
For non-UK residents like [TheAcriObfu], the pushchair is often called the baby stroller. [Canuck, Jul 25 2005]


       I have never seen pushchairs anywhere except the boardwalk at Atlantic City and decided not to induldge on the extravagent thrill ride they offer.   

       I also have never seen a "kerb" anywhere. Period.

       Maybe some kind of translation is in order.   

       Pushchair = ChildPod   

       Kerb = Bit where the 'sidewalk' meets the 'highway' with a tiny little cliff.
pooduck, Jul 23 2005

       If you have never seen a kerb you haven't lived, come on over to England and have a looksee.
I'm also quite curious as to what you call a pushchair.
fridge duck, Jul 23 2005

       [fridge] It may interest you to know that kerbs exist in many other places apart from England. The rest of the UK, for instance.
pooduck, Jul 23 2005

       Surely such classic sayings as 'kicked to the kerb' can't be confined only to the UK?
hidden truths, Jul 25 2005

       To all non-UK residents: If you can't figure out what a pushchair is, see the link. And if you can't figure out what a "kerb" is, try saying it out loud, as in "curb".   

       Yer welcome.   

       Surely we at the halfbakery would not settle for just Extend-o Legs! Why not a hovercraft-like base which allows the pushchair/stroller to float over obstacles? Just avoid leaving junior unattended whilst tying your shoe near the top of a steep hill.
Canuck, Jul 25 2005


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