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snow tire straps

rubber straps that wrap around stroller wheels
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i like to take my daughter for walks but in the winter I find it hard because i don't get any traction. I though it would be handy to have rubber snow tire straps u can put on your stroller for the winter. For convenience they shouldn't have to be removed at least until spring. They should be non marking for store floors and the fastener should be "hidden" so as not to cause bumps or anoying ticking. They should also be fairly stretchy to accomate a large variety of sizes of wheels. Maybe they could come in sm., med, lrg and x-lrg. With these things u could go anywhere in the winter.
angieBC, Dec 02 2002

you need one of these http://shop.store.y...1/cosedbaueral.html
the ultimate yuppie gear [rbl, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

this looks like one of ours http://www.totallya...terrainstroller.htm
but not as nice as bristolz would have drawn [rbl, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

a pair of these might help. http://www.alaskan-...sky-dogs-mushng.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       without being self propelled this may not help too much. but see link for an alternative.
rbl, Dec 02 2002

       You could take the sled instead of the stroller. I wonder if you can get snow chains for a stroller...?
DrCurry, Dec 02 2002

       DrC, are you one of those who drag your sled through Wal-Mart?
rbl, Dec 02 2002

       [Nah - I live in the city, and the snow's usually gone before morning.]
DrCurry, Dec 02 2002

       Great link [rbl]. That site is fascinating.
jurist, Dec 02 2002

       Why do you need traction on stroller wheels? It's not like they're used for steering or propulsion -- they exist only to make it easier to push, and if the wheels are sliding around it should be easier still, right?
egnor, Dec 02 2002

       Your garden variety recoilless rifle is going to be a bit of a handful in snowy conditions - shirley, just the usual twin .50-calibre air cooled Brownings would be enough ? What's more, those perforated barrel jackets would give it a wonderfully retro look ....
8th of 7, Dec 03 2002

       Teach your kid how to walk.
TBK, Dec 03 2002

       Touché, TBK. What exactly is a stroller? A pram? (I'm English and try to make myself unfamiliar with americanisations).
//u could go// - is your keyboard mis-firing?
Parvenu, Dec 03 2002

       A pram *is* a pushchair.
Parvenu, Dec 03 2002

       // Carrying two sleepy toddlers home being more than even the most muscular parents can manage //   

       If it's snowy, you can just pull them along by the ankles. They'll slide.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2002

       [8th of 7] <g>   

       [angieBC] It seems you are reinventing the wheel but you don't even need one here. DrCurry's suggestion is much more practical. There are such sleds with runners that have a bit of a back rest. If your little one is only just now a toddler, consider a quality kid carrying back frame. You'll get a great winter workout and your daughter benefits still from observations of the world at your eye level.   

       P.S. Don't let the silliness you find here deter you from inventing. I credit my own experience in motherhood for a renaissance in problem solving that leaves guidance counselors scratching their heads
hollajam, Dec 04 2002

       I think the tire strap for snow is an excellent idea! I just went shopping with my pregnant sister for a stroller. She ended up having to buy a stroller without much tread in the tires because it fit on public transportation and has a car seat attached. Have you made any progress on your invention? Have you found anything to help in the meantime? Please let me know - she is due in October 2004.
liser8, Jul 05 2004


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