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Pre-Shot Strips

Different flavored Strips to use before taking a shot
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Similar to breath strips currently on the market that you place on your tongue and they melt. But these Pre-Shot strips will have concentrated flavors: acting faster, stronger, and lasting less time. The idea is you place a stip in your mouth right before taking a shot, so you hardly taste the alchohol, only the strong flavored strip. For example, a round of vodka shots? Normally all would shiver in anticipation of the strong vodka taste. But your group pops a orange Pre-Shot Strip (or Shot Buddy?) and all they taste is orange when they drink the vodka. Different flavors could be made available and for those alcohols that don't mix well with flavors (ie. Tequila) you can make one that numbs your mouth for a few seconds. That way you can drink all you can with no worries of bad taste!
Someday, Jun 16 2007

Tongue Tape http://www.jakkspac...art&page=tonguetape
A "candy version of the mint breath strips but in delicious fruit flavors and fun licensed varieties". I think this fad had passed by 2004, though. [jutta, Jun 16 2007]

Wikipedia: Vodka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vodka
"Under U.S. and European law vodka must not have any distinctive aroma, character, colour or flavour." [jutta, Jun 16 2007]


       The whole point of doing shots is to share some sort of dangerous and stupid experience with your friends, right? It's a bit of a dare. People who do this are unlikely to try to lessen or mask it - it's tricky to do this unobserved, and it would seem like wimping out.   

       Same product, different marketing: food experiences for people on a diet. Satisfy your craving for cheese cake / chocolate / ... Virtual Victuals? Weight Watchers Wafer-thins? (Urk.)
jutta, Jun 16 2007

       <pedant> [jutta], your second link states that 'vodka' is the Russian word for water, whereas, in fact, it is the *diminutive* of the Russian word for water. This can make a lot of difference, e.g., compare 'pike' with 'pikelet' or 'homo' with 'homunculus'.</pedant>
pertinax, Jun 16 2007

       Good point. Let me go find a better link.   

       The point I was trying to make, and which is less prominent in the wikipedia entry, is that most of the vodka consumed in the Western world is pretty much flavorless.   

       How about Miracle Fruit ("miraculin" - real chemical, in spite of the silly name) tongue tape?! (Turns sour sweet.)
jutta, Jun 16 2007

       Hey, someone else who knows about the miracle fruit.   

       I love those things. Best lemon I ever tasted. Didn't think you got them abroad...
Custardguts, Jun 18 2007

       <reminisces> Mmm... vodka jellies! </reminisces>
pertinax, Jun 18 2007

       As a drinker in my earlier years, I agreed with the "hide the flavor" school of drinking.   

       As a grownup, I'm a member of the "if you don't like the taste, you shouldn't be drinking it" school.
normzone, Jun 18 2007

       Why not just buy better quality booze, rather than cheap booze and strips to hide the taste?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 19 2007

       Im from England, hiding the taste of booze! Thats for teenagers and old ladies! Shots of Vodka.. what is this the kindergarten school of fearful drinkers?! We english take pride in out ability to outdrink any other nation - the germans produce more beer and drink more but overall we are the biggest "boozers" in Europe. So to sum up, thats a big fat no! Now wheres my single malt.....
S-note, Jun 19 2007

       // We english ... are the biggest "boozers" in Europe//   

       Much to the disdain of natives living along the South Coast of Spain, the islands of Greece and anywhere else we Brits decide to descend upon in large puking droves of spotty teenaged booze-mongery.   

       I drink a lot, but I drink what I like, and not to the point where I sick on my shoes or punch someone in the eye for looking at my pint. This idea doesn't work for me, I'd rather a good rum on the rocks than a vomit-inducing 2nd cousin to ethanol. With some chewing gum in it.
theleopard, Jun 19 2007

       Good point, but they keep building more hotels and resorts! They cater for the english hooligan market! Why let all the pubs and clubs get built if you dont want the tourists it attracts.. At the end of the day we keep their economy afloat - so you canget get off the high horse now. And when your ready a pint of Uri Gellar!
S-note, Jun 19 2007

       It's just a pity, that's all. They sell their soul for the toursim and we embarrass our nation by being a bunch of lary, uneducated, drunken muppets. Maybe I've just been watching too much Costa-Del Street Crime.   

       Mine's a Nelson, son.
theleopard, Jun 19 2007

       I concur, being a doorman I have dealt with many, many drunken "hooligans". It is a pity, but they have to go somewhere and the continenant seems to be the place.. On second thoughts, I think I will have a pint of Arundel St George!
S-note, Jun 19 2007

abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

       Why the positive vote, you ask? I live in Hickville, USA, and the idea of quality here is once-drunk piss. I think I would like these.   

       Maybe you can infuse a bit of booze into the strips for a little fun at the office, pre-meeting. "Breath strip, Miss?"
Grumbleshark, Jun 21 2007

       "We have secretly replaced this office drone's breath strips with tabs of LSD. Let's see what happens!"
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 21 2007


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