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Public Access Phone Reminders

A friendly call from yourself.
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People have a lot to remember. It is hard. It is especially hard for people who are old or ill to remember to take pills, but there are many other daily things that sometimes slip by. It would be nice if someone could remind you. Maybe you!

BUNGCO presents the Public Access Phone Reminder. Use your phone to enter the time and frequency that you want your reminder, then speak the reminder into the phone. Alternatively our operator can help enter it for you. Then, once a day at 9 AM, or every Thursday, or the first of each month, your phone will ring and you will hear you, reminding you to do! The message is followed by a point of interest regarding one of the many fine BUNGCO products available.

The PAPR is available for licensing: doctors offices or other services can log in reminders for their patients, and personalize with their own closing message.

Skeptic! - you may ask "How is the PAPR different than alarm clocks, BlackBerries, PalM Pilots and the many other automata clamoring for our attention?" It is better because many people do not have those things, or cannot figure out how to use them, but nearly everyone can answer the phone.

bungston, Sep 18 2006


       + [bungston], I fear that someone has infringed upon your rights w/ the BUNGCO name! It comes up on a google now.   

       (Ring ... <hello?> Zimmy! You idiot! It's 1 o'clock! what are you still doing up? Log out you fool!)
Zimmy, Sep 19 2006

       You could use it to wake up, too.
bungston, Sep 19 2006

       I think you should scrap the adverts, because then it would also be good for playing pranks.   

       Example 1: Sitting next to you, your colleauge answers the phone, and hears: "Quick - you've got to get a message to imaginality from me. I'm his future self - I've come back in time to warn him not to pick up the stapler in five minutes' time, his life depends on it! *click*"   

       You then ask to borrow the stapler. How your colleague responds might be revealing.   

       Example 2: Your partner, lying next to you in bed, picks up the phone one evening and hears, "Darling, I'm sorry I'm not home yet, but I have to warn you about something. I have a twin brother whom I never mentioned. He's escaped from prison today and the police say he may be impersonating me, might even be going to our house. Don't fall for his tricks, whatever you do."
imaginality, Sep 19 2006


       A doctor here in the UK as has set up a service like this, delivered by phone or pager.   

       It is specifically aimed at those who have received severe brain trauma causing damage to the parts of the brain responsible for memory and sequencing.   

       This service was set up to help these people to live a normal life and to take the burden off of their partners.   

       They can phone up or browse to a website and enter their appointments directly into the system. Their doctor can also insert their appointments and medication schedule.   

       The phone rings or the page sounds in time to remind them of what they need to do.   

       I heard about this on radio 4 here in the UK a couple of weeks ago.
webfishrune, Sep 19 2006


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