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For those times when you need someone watching over you.
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How many times have you seen this happen: someone goes out with his/her friends to drink, carouse, and pick up members of the opposite sex, and subsequently wakes up next to someone who he/she wishes he/she wouldn't have. Friends can sometimes help prevent such things from happening, but in just as many cases they are either too drunk or busy with their own romantic prospects to care, or they take a perverse delight in setting their friend up for a shock in the morning. What I'm proposing here is a service where a person can rent a "designated conscience", so to speak. This "guardian angel" would remain sober, and keep his/her charge out of "trouble", whether said trouble takes the form of fights, robbery, or even going home with someone that doesn't meet criteria arranged at the beginning of the evening.
In a more serious vein, the "guardian angel" could serve as a more traditional bodyguard, but I had originally envisioned this in regard to avoiding potential unpleasantness associated with having a night out. Also, for an additional fee the "guardian angel" could remotely monitor his/her charge (using established surveilance techniques and technology), for those times when the client needs to appear alone.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 10 2002

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       Are they not called minders ?
skinflaps, Dec 10 2002

       Probably, somewhere. I did a bit of searching, and didn't find anything similar enough to this to prevent me from posting it (unlike the other 4 ideas I've had today =/).
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 10 2002

       Cheaper alternative: get big black marker pen and write "DON'T" on the back of your dominant hand. That should remind you not to.
my face your, Dec 10 2002

       //Cheaper alternative: get big black marker pen and write "DON'T" on the back of your dominant hand. That should remind you not to.//
Provided that you don't get so fall-down drunk that you forget how to read. Or, more likely, so drunk that you think you know better than you did when you wrote "DON'T" in the first place. =/
(Note: moved to business: service because it fits better, and because I didn't see that category when devising this idea.)
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 11 2002

       [forni], I checked out "designated driver" on Google. True, they'll drive you home when you're drunk. But will they stop you from picking a fight with the biker who bumped into you when you're too soused to know better? I'm inclined to think not.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 11 2002


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