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Random Life Course Generator

For those who just don't know what to do...
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The random life course generator is an additonal bolt on application for your electronic calender. The RLCG inputs in to the calender, books and pays for (with use of your online account) events such as holidays, outings such as theatre trips, meals out etc etc. Not only does it book it in your own calender but it logs any scheduled time off with your work also.

There are many beauties to the RLCG - a major one being the element of surprise; just imagine waking up monday morning, crawling in to work only to find yourself intercepted on the way and whisked off for a cheeky 5 day safari in deepest africa...

With no conscience or concern for the future the RLCG is capable of making you live a fun filled and action packed life as opposed to just your bog standard sensible life - life is for living and the RLCG ensures you live it.

roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005


       Could you plug it into a random blog so that you were in effect living someone else's life, maybe switching every month?
wagster, Oct 24 2005

       I think it would have to switch at random intervals - very much think the chaotic effect is the key to success. what would the implications of a switch between genders be though?
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       I'm not sure, but around a certain time of the month I would want to be sure of being male.
wagster, Oct 24 2005

       I kind of like the idea - there's something (scarily) attractive about surrendering your life to the whims of fortune.   

       At the same time, being whisked about on the winds of chance can get pretty boring after a while, leaving you unable to fully enjoy the fantastic sights of the world, instead capable only of contemplating the meaning of your own existence as you are flung around the globe on a whirlwind tour of experience that boils down to nothing more than a series of pseudo random functions.   

       Have you ever read "The Dice Man"?
zen_tom, Oct 24 2005

       no - but the title sounds fun. i think people need to get in to the christmas spirit of it - how much fun are surprises? although i like the idea that you take an alter egos through this too - perhaps if RLCG was linked to your whole life and not just your calender/bank. it could become a kind of game of life.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       Ho ho - you're in for a treat - get a dice first. Then roll it. If you roll
1) You will return to your normal life and forget all this silliness about random stimulation
2-5) You will purchase/borrow/steal a copy of "The Dice Man" by Luke Reinhart and become aware of the chilling similarity it has to this idea.
6) You will become, "The Dice Man"...
zen_tom, Oct 24 2005


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