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Public Dance Right-of-Way

Clear a path for people with happy feet.
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Mandate pedestrians make way for people dancing down the sidewalk.
phoenix, Mar 12 2008

public dance right of way public_20dance_20right_20of_20way
Not the same thing at all. [phoenix, Mar 12 2008]


       I have witnessed a fellow who , headphones blasting away , occasionally singing along, seems to dance to every destination blissfully rapt in the whole process. Most onlookers seem to pause if not stop just to behold the display.
sub-ob-ject, Mar 01 2010

       Dusting off my top hat... mussing up my white tie... putting on my tails...!
wagster, Mar 01 2010

       Call it 'Travolta's Law'. +
DrBob, Mar 01 2010


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