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Laser Shaving

Never worry about trimming again.
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Instead of worrying about cutting yourself and having to buy new blades all the time, you should have a laser shaver. A small device with face-recognition software would zap your hairs for you in an instant. Can be programmed for hairstyles as well. Also available as legshaver for women/swimmers. Great for hairy people who can't reach around their backs with a conventional shaver.
Lord Nacho, Mar 30 2002

Gilette's Laser Razor http://optics.org/articles/news/9/2/18/1
Gilette is funding development of a laser razor! [laser_alex, Oct 04 2004]


       I was recently going to suggest an application that could be classed as 'laser shaving' for the humble weapon of the jedi;the lightsaber. Thought the con's caused if you cut yourself might outweigh the pro's though.
kaz, Mar 30 2002

       do it quick kaz before someone else does it. complete with soundtrack. brilliant.
po, Mar 30 2002

       I'll do the idea, but what the hell is the soundtrack of?
kaz, Mar 30 2002

       the sound, I do not do sound, bzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuurrrrrhh! thing
po, Mar 30 2002

       It sounds so painfull. The laser would need to be really close to the face; likely close enough to singe the face too.
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 31 2002

       Shaving with a lightsaber is half-baked in the game 'Jedi Knight' anyway...if you leave the character standing around for a while while holding the lightsaber, he shaves.
StarChaser, Mar 31 2002

       Seriously? cool!
kaz, Mar 31 2002

       Could have all sorts of optical sensors to register where to zap or not - frequency of laser pulse could be adjusted to destroy hair and not harm skin. This works when you hold your hand over a Bar B Q and all your hairs are burnt away.
Osborn, May 30 2002


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