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Hot shave

A bit smelly, but there's nothing better.
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A high power flash-gun is held close to the skin. It gives a very high temperature for a short time, and the hair is burnt off. The skin is OK, since it has water, and heats much more slowly than the hair.

Patterns in the hair would be easy, since wet hair would take longer to burn.

Some good aftershave is required, to get rid of the terrible smell.

I think it might also be useful for nasal hair, eyebrow, and pubic hair removal. But someone else should test it first.

Ling, Mar 14 2006

Laser shaving Laser_20Shaving
Related, but I think it is sufficiently different. [Ling, Mar 14 2006]


       I've read, but not really believed that some Admirals in the US Navy shaved w/ a blow torch. Is this feasible, if not painfull?   

       If my facial hair gets longer than 1/4 inch it's painful** anyway w/ an electric razor.   

       ** a 1 on a scale of 10.   

       (spoken) Ooh man, dig that crazy chick.

       Who wears short shorts
We wear short shorts
They're such short shorts
We like short shorts
Who wears short shorts
We wear short shorts.

       Repeat 2 more times.

       (SOrry. A crazy 70's memory made me do it.)
Zimmy, Mar 14 2006

       You certainly could trim a beard with a blow torch. (They used to use candles to singe beards to trim them in the 19th century.)   

       However, having applied a blow torch to a finger, I really couldn't recommend it as a method of shaving. (The finger did heal, without scarring, eventually.)   

       Oh, yeah, likewise on the shaver hurting when the hair gets too long; in that case, I simply use the trimmer first.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       [bigsleep] - it was probably that greasy, flammable tallow-based moustache pomade you insist on using. I don't care if it smells like freesia, it is dangerous stuff!
bungston, Mar 15 2006

       Um, I used to reduce my armpit hair with a cigarette lighter. It took a careful hand and a very good exhaust fan, but it left smooth ends on the hairs and enough length to not look like I'd been shaving. A shower took care of the smell.
baconbrain, Mar 15 2006

       ever heard of a flashburn?
pwn3d, Mar 15 2006

       This is the manliest way to shave short of punching a badger while holding it near your face.
notmarkflynn, Mar 15 2006

       *COUGH* Andromeda Strain *COUGH*   

       Good book. They had this same thing, only whole body.
DesertFox, Mar 16 2006

       They? Crichton and who?
bristolz, Mar 16 2006

       They being characters, mayhaps.
shapu, Mar 16 2006


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