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Punish Genocide

Punish genocide by helicopter paintball strafing runs
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Crimes against humanity and genocide are the most terrible crimes that we humans commit against each other. If an entire people or ethnic group was or should have been aware that genocide was occuring, they all bear collective reponsibility. Finding a fitting collective punishment, however, is not always easy. For example, punitive financial reparations can not always be levied against a people which is already utterly impoverished. Also collective apologies on behalf of the guilty, while desirable and necessary, do not always offer victims the closure they need. My idea works by as follows: 1. The UN Permanent Court of International Justice declares a particular group or nation to be guilty of genocide or crimes against humanity. 2. Regular UN helicopter patrols are set up, overflying the territory of the offending nation 3. Survivors and relatives of victims are invited on helicopter trips, overflying the territory of the offending nation, during which they are invited to strafe the locals with harmless but amusing paintball guns from the saftey of the helicopters. 4. As they are strafing the locals from a safe height, victims are invited to reflect on the fact that this seemingly silly form of retribution is in fact using humour as a means of compensating them for the hurt they have suffered. 5. Clearly special rules would have to apply to vulnerable groups within the guilty group / nation, to ensure that no-one is injured as a result of paintball strafing. 6. All victims of crimes against humanity are allowed to strafe once for free. However, repeat trips would be subject to escalating charges, to help defray the costs of the operation.
kisa, Aug 28 2003


       Right you are Kreuner. Alas Gulf War 2 didn't use paintball guns...Can we expect to see UN helicopters in the skies above America ?
kisa, Aug 28 2003

       Huh? You think America is guilty of genocide?
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       Saddam definitely is / was. We could always get all committed Baathists in one relatively small location and then let the gunships fly. As for whether America is guilty of crimes against humanity....No, surely not, but even if it ever was (eg for Nagasaki or the secret bombing of Combodia) could you imagine a system in which it would be convicted of genocide and strafed? I can't.
kisa, Aug 28 2003

       It's hard to imagine most victims being satisfied with paintballs.
beauxeault, Aug 28 2003

       "...could you imagine a system in which [America] would be convicted of genocide and strafed? I can't."
No, but that may be because I'm over 12. I *can* imagine a world in which other countries refuse to do business/trade with America. Economic sanctions are powerful things, too.
phoenix, Aug 28 2003

       I think all homicidal persons should receive a wet willy and a noogie! Hm.
k_sra, Aug 28 2003

       Mmm, nougat.
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       "If an entire people or ethnic group was or should have been aware that genocide was occuring, they all bear collective reponsibility. " Huh?   

       If the Elbonian leader is committing crimes against humanity, how does that make every Elbonian automatically responsible? Some of the Elbonian people may be responsible depending on how the leader was brough to poswer and how much was known about the leader before he commited this crime, but blaming a whole ethnic or national group for the actions of a few (or even the majority) is what causes these crimes against humanity in the first place.
scad mientist, Aug 28 2003

       // As for whether America is guilty of crimes against humanity....No, surely not, //   

       ROTFL...I'm sorry if I laugh...maybe you mean that the USA was never tried for it.   

       // Lets leave punishment of war-crimes to the International Criminal Court(ICC) //   

       Hmmm, that's the right attitude, of course but...oh my, the USA refused to recognize the ICC because it didnt accept to be tried by others. So I guess ICC doesn't apply. What a pity.
PauloSargaco, Oct 02 2003

       Well personally I think *Know* the japs got what they deserved and the Iraquis deserve the same for letting there country go to shit. No No NO to bad i don't want to here about it. Iraquis made coordianted attacks in begining of December 2003, to fix this problem all people in problem areas should me murdered in one felts swoop. while the ex- Iraqi military personell are standing in line waiting for back pay they all should be shot to death. and then there wives, firends, and childern should be shot or held beneth water until they too are dead. These people will only create problems later for the winners of this war (which is us mind you) haven't you ever read Julius Cezer by Shakespere for christs sake. if they had murdered Cezers queer buddy along with him the whole situation would have remained under control.   

       Those people in thoses countries Isral, Afganistan, Iraq do not want peace. they have had war in Iraq sience they hade dirt in Iraq. and if you want to cure the world of these peoples ailments they must be murdered.   

       If merely allowed to kill one another this would eventually loose it's flare and pazz. This has started to happed and they are finding they get a kick out of killing americans who the next day do not fight back. Insted we go broke feeding muhammads 7 wives and 25 childern because he is hiding in the bush waiting to shoot you in the ass.   

       we have come this far lets finish the job and kill the rest of em'
John420987, Dec 01 2003

       What Ever Happed to, 'to the Victor go Spoils'   

       It is not my fault god made my people better than your peolpe but you all need to stop crying about it or else i'll take your ass over again. and then i'll shut you up with the back of my fist.
John420987, Dec 01 2003

       Why don't you fuck off.
sufc, Dec 01 2003

       [marked-for-deletion]: punish all who do X.
Cedar Park, Dec 02 2003

       John420987 is obviously a scintillating scion of the master race and we should all bow down and praise his infinite wisdom, no matter how incoherently expressed, for he justifies the centuries of genocide that Amerikkka is definitely guilty of. Hail Cezer!
mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

       // Survivors and relatives of victims //   

       There would not be any survivors of genocide - only of *attempted* (and failed) genocide.   

       Having picked you up on this minor and insignificant point, I feel I should also mention that the rest of your idea stinks. And John420987 - have you considered running for office? I only ask because it increases the chance of you being shot by an assassin.
dobtabulous, Dec 03 2003

       Although for minor crimes I like the idea of public humiliation as punishment, lumping a whole population together and doling out collective punishment for the acts of some of its individuals isn't justice, no matter whether the punishment is silly or not, kisa.
DrBob, Dec 03 2003

       [I'm ignoring the MFD since the new part of the idea isn't to punish genocide - we already do that, or at least try to - but to do it by paintball strafing runs. The idea is poorly titled.]
jutta, Mar 05 2008

       This really is rubbish. Why am I the first person to vote on it?   

       But to wade into an argument that finished 5 years ago:   

       Isn't Genocide the attempt to wipe out an entire race of people? When did the US do that? the US isn't perfect, but I don't think genocide is their thing.
Germanicus, Mar 05 2008

       //Punish Genocide//   

       This is an awful idea. The Punes are a peaceful nation who have lived for hundreds of generations without disturbing anyone. They demand nothing but the right to grow their oysters and weave their silk. They have a cultural heritage unique amongst all the Puno-Sequestrian peoples, and a language which diverged from the other major linguistic branches over four thousand years ago.   

       Without the Punes, we would have no modern Rakeweed or Effinberry - both of these crops were domesticated by the Punes in late pre-history, and were brought to the east by Punish travellers. The spinning rake, the harrowing fard, and the bladed ox-farrel all trace their invention back to Punish farmers.   

       They are a noble race, as anyone who has seen a Punish tribesman in his garribeads and hap-feather skirt will testify. Punish genocide must be resisted at all costs. Save the Punes!!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2008

       // Why am I the first person to vote on it?   

       You're not; but the record of who voted for what got lost in the big halfbakery disk crash of 2004, and the idea has been dormant since then.
jutta, Mar 05 2008

       A pune killed my father! They may have given us the spanning gurn and the goat-centred festival of Bicklewatch, but they also bequeathed a hidden legacy of violence and iniquity. Think of the few words we've taken from them - 'Puny', 'impune', and of course, 'punishment' - sound like nice ideas to you? Eh, MB? or are you the kind of pune-loving joker who loves nothing more than a secret prance around his little rakeweed bush with a harrowing fard, wearing little more than some garribeads and a rightfooted kolba shoe?   

       No, I say we exploit their little-known fatal allergies to paint - though really, genocide's too good for 'em. Hmph.
navel-gazer, Mar 06 2008


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