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Static hairstylists

Works best if they own a motorbike or have to leave via a rotating door
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Unexpectedly invite an ex-friend round one night for a meal. (Preferably a frizzy blond or someone with very long, but thin hair.)

During the usual after meal banter, ask them if they'd like a go on your Van de Graaf Generator* (they always say yes, those sort of people can't rest the temptation).

During the entertainment, and just when their hair's at its most peculiar, reveal a hidden can of hairspray and let them have it!

Then send them packing.

*If you don't have a Van de Graaf Generator, use a cat and an ebonite rod.

(I can't accept all of the blame. My nephew and niece thought this one up - I just added the malicious streak)

Dub, Apr 06 2006

Soldiers of Destruction http://www.artofthe...truction_photos.htm
Hairspray? Try mulberry juice and epoxy resin. [ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 08 2006]

Big Bad Hair http://www.baycityw...images/big_hair.jpg
[Dub, Apr 09 2006]

Argh http://www.phys.vir...n/Bitmaps/Hair1.jpg
[Dub, Apr 09 2006]

Eerk http://www.kfunigra...%20der%20Graaff.jpg
[Dub, Apr 09 2006]

Aw http://www.planet.n...-209.onlineBild.jpg
[Dub, Apr 09 2006]

Hair Raiser Hair_20Raiser
[DrCurry, Apr 09 2006]

As Hairstyling Aid Van_20de_20Graaf_20Haircutting_20Aid
[DrCurry, Apr 09 2006]

(???) Wall of Hair http://www.israelly.../phil%20spector.jpg
[thumbwax, Apr 10 2006]


       I like it! Except for not finding anything malicious in it--it all seems like good fun to me.   

       Based on my time in a powder-paint booth, I'd say that the particles of the hairspray might pick up a charge and repel away from the hair. If you could put the opposite charge on the hairspray can, it might work better. Might, I say. Definitely a croissant.
baconbrain, Apr 06 2006

       Thanks for the bun (from my nephew and niece).   

       Well they'd been musing on the bus over one of the other passenger's hair-do (We were on our way to the Science and Natural History Museums in London - so we had static on our minds).
Dub, Apr 06 2006

       Science Museum? - Do you have any idea what happens when matter meets anti-matter?
Dub, Apr 08 2006

       sp. Van de Graaf Generator   

       Great idea. Post some photos when you're done.
dbmag9, Apr 08 2006

       sp. Ta. [Links]
Dub, Apr 09 2006

       I thought we'd kinda done this one to death already - see links.
DrCurry, Apr 09 2006

       thumb: you wandered into one of those fairy mounds where you don't come out untl 100 Internet years later?! Anyway, that link doesn't work so well for me.
DrCurry, Apr 10 2006

       Link still works for me OK - just Google Images for the thankfully inimitable - Phil Spector - (who must make you surely not pine for hair) and you'll do fine. While I've been out and about for a spell, I've sent more than a few New Yawkers to your Curry and f-stop sites. If so challenged 50 years from now, I could draw many a baker's pic from memory, certainly yours, and when all is said and done, that, not buns or fishbones, is what counts.
thumbwax, Apr 10 2006

       Very strange.
DrCurry, Apr 10 2006

       Cheers DrC - As [dbmag9] pointed out I can't spell Van De Graff (I naughtly relied on Google's "web's most common spelling" method to check, rather than a physics book) - and then I didn't find anything when I searched HB - BTW - I can't access Wall Of Hair
Dub, Apr 10 2006


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