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Expose scammers and crooks through the web
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Basically, when someone wrongfully and knowingly screws you over and it's too much hassle to try and go through the legal system, then expose the sorry bastard on the web through crookedpeople.com! The victim signs up the crook anonymously in the "accusation" section, There are many categories they can choose from regarding the relationship between victim and crook; "family member", "employer or coworker", "spouse, bfriend, gfreind", "friend aquiantance", "big corporation", etc... they input all the information on the crook that they have, email, address, photograph, and the story of what happened and most important, a detailed reasonable tangible course of action the crook must take to rectify the situation and thereby remove the account from being online, (ie, return the stolen goods, appologize, give the money back...)

Then, the crooks profile is pushed live and an email sent to them with a URL to the page and somewhat of an extortion note telling them what is required in order to take the page down. The crook can then a) ignore it and leave their profile and story up for the world to see for years to come or b) remedy the situation by doing the required settlement or c) content the charge and file a counterclaim, whereby the case goes to a different section called "mediations". Here, the public can read the stories and cast votes for whos right or wrong.

In the same way the victim was forced to decide between legal action, letting it go or some form of inbetween mediation... now the tables are turned and the crook is forced to make this same decision. This is empowerment at it's best, this is mediation at it's best!

I own this domain name and have a functional prototype of this website available but currently offline, I am seeking partners/investors. jeff@japanappy.com

jeffho, May 14 2002


       [If you get rid of the last paragraph, this posting can stay, otherwise it should go because it's a commercial solicitation.]   

       If I understand this idea properly, one weakness I see in this is that you cannot remain anonymous if you are expecting to settle in some manner with the 'crook.' A crook could merely pretend to go along with the scheme until they had your identity and then file suit against you for defamation, or retaliate and post something about you.
bristolz, May 14 2002

       I think some strict regulation would have to be enforced in order for this from degenerating into a blackmail site and therefore become quickly ignored. Perhaps the Better Business Beureau could review and run it.
RayfordSteele, May 14 2002

       [RayfordSteele] took the words right off of my keyboard. Somebody will probably have to start another website to the name all of those who were using crookedpeople.com for extortion.
half, May 14 2002

       Remember, for a fee I'll let you have the negatives
thumbwax, May 14 2002

       I hope you're well versed in libel & defamation laws, [jeffho].   

       This reminds me of when I found out there was some kind of a website/online community where landlords could post the names of tenants they wanted to blacklist. Made me think someone should do the same for dodgy landlords, as there's certainly no shortage of material.
-alx, May 14 2002

       Sounds like an online version of Jerry Springer. There is a web site that uses this same concept for failing relationships, though the name escapes me now. Actual couples (yeah, right) are featured, their stories told, and site visitors vote on who's at fault and what the solution is.   

       Your method of allowing people to sign themselves in and make accusations makes this idea worthless. Virtually all of the submissions would be the result of personal animosity and would have no real substance.   

       It's rare that I fishbone ideas only because I would not personally find useful, on the assumption that others might. But I think this one is poorly thought through and would cause more harm than good, so I've got to vote against it.
waugsqueke, May 14 2002

       Do you have any idea of how quicky this site would be killed once two or three rich bastards got their lawyers onto it?
sadie, May 14 2002

       The anonymous net is a fiction, Mr Ho (I've always wanted to call someone that, I now I've done it. Woo!).   

       This is not mediation at it's best. Mediation at it's best is when both parties emerge from the discussion - I'll say it again, discussion - at least partially satisfied with the outcome. Your website will mediate nothing, as it is nothing but a repository of accusation.   

       Plus, who the hell is going to look at this website? The only way that this could become a viable financial prospect (and I'm assuming that this is what you intend) is if you had a complete, global list of every 'crooked person' in the whole... wide... world. There is no way that that is going to happen because
(a) you will have lawyers up yo' ass in every jurisdiction in the whole... wide... world, right from the off
(b) not every victim of a crime has access to the internet and
(c) no-one will trust the content of your site unless it is verified and such verification would be a Herculean task.

       <doodlebug> Fishboooooooooooooooone. </doodlebug>
calum, May 14 2002

       Mugshots.com and other extortion sites are out there and do successfully stay in business while committing legal extortion, by the way.   

       They have a different method that could be adapted to your purpose.   

       They are complete scum though. I find your idea pretty bad too though.
Kansan101, Dec 06 2012

       I just sold an expensive trackball to some guy, who a week later e-mailed me with none-too-veiled accusations of misrepresentation and threats of repercussion, because his trackball "doesn't work" after a week of use.   

       After spending a few hours, trying to word a response that didn't involve counter-accusations, the lightbulb flickered for a moment.   

       I told him to take the ball out, wipe the week's worth of accumulated crud off the laser lenses and replace the ball.   

       He hasn't gotten back to me. I'd feel really superior about the whole thing if it hadn't happened to me when I first got mine (though IIRC it only took me 3 days to figure it out).   

       So [-]: apart from the system being gamed by dishonest people, there's honest mistakes that would end up there as well.   

       I see presumption of guilt and no checks or balances in place to mitigate same, without which it's just advocacy [marked-for-deletion].
FlyingToaster, Dec 07 2012

       So, this is essentially the BBB, but targeted at individuals. It's also inherently prone to libel claims, and anonymity goes away pretty quick under a warrant. So, no. Just no.
MechE, Dec 07 2012


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