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Windy Window Knife- fighting Curtain

Curtain has a knife attached to it, dodge as the wind billows the fabric.
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This curtain has a knife attached by to it. It is placed in front of an open window on a windy day. The figure of a trespasser waves at your opened window as you practice.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013


       [+]. It's always good to practice.
AusCan531, Sep 15 2013

       I worry the knife would weigh down the curtain. The flaccidly sagging knife would not present much threat or challenge, though might be good for mumblety peg. No, for this one needs a neutrally buoyant knife equivalent. The tip could be painted with strawberry syrup. This would produce a fine closing scene as the fast-paced curtainfront tai chi ended and the protagonist, at one point too slow (so to speak), felt her neck then placed finger in mouth to lick off the strawberry syrup.
bungston, Sep 16 2013

       I've seen some pretty heavily flapping curtains, and I think you have as well. This is intended for the cavernous halls of a mansion, or atleast the volumousness of an apartment building. When the pressures of the two great residences are much differentiated from the high pressure outdoors, great gusts of wind flap and billow and thrust the curtain knife wildy at the opponent.   

       But this is really an idea for a real-life murder mystery play at home game. The murder mystery game only occurs in one out of every thousand boxes sold or so, but that's why its sold in an unmarked box. The detectives enter the room to find a bloodied body, slashed neck wrapped in the curtain fabric, the curtain fabric stabbed and slashed, and two knives, one seemingly thrown across the room covered in the deceased's blood.
rcarty, Sep 16 2013


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