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Rapidly Inflatable Vomit Pouch

Be prepared
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It's happened to most of us, at least a few times. You're sitting at work or at a theme park (this is great for being on roller coasters!) and you just get sick and have to toss up your lunch.

Well, this idea calls for a shirt/jacket/sweater with an inflatable bucket in an elastic pouch in the front that is flat against your chest. When you get sick, you pull either one of the 2 "drawstrings" (they're actualy ripcords, you only have to pull one, the other is a backup) and a CO2 cartridge (stowed in an inside pocket) rapidly inflates the bucket, stretching the elactic pouch out, so it looks like a bucket stuck on your chest. As an added convenience to save on cleaning and reduce after-smell, it comes pre-loaded with a disposable plastic bag, as well as small box of sawdust in another pocket so you can pour it in to clump it and prevent running, and (somewhat) neutralize the smell.

So if you get sick, simply take the following steps:

1) pull ripcord (pouch deploys)

2) vomit into the inflatable bucket

3) pour in sawdust (optional))

4) remove and dispose of plastic bag

5) replace plastic bag (also optional)

6) open relief valve (bucket deflates and elastic pouch snaps it flush against your chest)

21 Quest, Oct 17 2006


       //the other is a backup//

       What's that for? nevermind, I don't think I want to know.
skinflaps, Oct 17 2006

       It's for the same purpose the backup line on a parachute serves: if for some reason the ripcord fails to deploy the bucket, you pull the backup line. That's all.
21 Quest, Oct 17 2006

       I assume the CO2 cartridge will also need to be replaced?

       Also, maybe the baking soda should already be in the plastic bag, and you vomit on top of it...
wolstech, Oct 17 2006

       Actually, I had thought about that, and it could already be in there, but I was thinking putting the baking soda on top, between the vomit and the opening, might more effectively lock the odor in.
21 Quest, Oct 17 2006

       I like the idea but I would never wear one to the bar. So how did you two meet? We were at the bar. She puked in my shirt.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 18 2006

       //We were at the bar. She puked in my shirt.//

       <said with an air (sometimes foul) of nostalgia> Good times. Good times. <swaa(sf)on>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 18 2006

       Baking soda?!

       Seems it would interact with the normally acidic vomitus to create much foam and CO2, possibly overflowing the bag.

csea, Oct 18 2006

       Hmmm.... good point, I'm amending the post. Sawdust, however, was always used in vomit clean-up kits in the school I went to as a kid, and seemed to work pretty well.
21 Quest, Oct 18 2006


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