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Sure Thing Barf Bag

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Ever have an upset stomach, but not quite sure just how upset it is ? or read the expiry date on the mayo after eating the sandwich ? Perhaps you drank a bit too much, and don't want to spend the next few hours on the bathroom floor, waiting for your GI system to formally register a complaint.

Simpy put, would you like to get the purging out of the way, so you can find your way to bed and pass out properly and safely, all on your own terms ?

With the Sure Thing Barf Bag there's no question of timing: unseal the top flap and out will waft the most nauseating scents known to man: Limburger that other Limburgers shy away from, Miley's wrecking ball, Willie Nelson's tax returns and other effluvia, guaranteed to induce a hearty and immediate sympathetic reflex.

Fill'er up. No muss, no fuss, no ad hoc expressionist painting on the walls, no trail of failure to step on later in clean socks: reseal the top, spritz a little of the air-freshener provided around and continue on your way.

Available in purse and glovebox sizes as well as the ever popular party packs.

(dedicated to this year's 24 hour flu)

FlyingToaster, Feb 16 2014

Bilateral vomition centers http://arbl.cvmbs.c...omach/vomiting.html
The 'bilateral vomition centers' are a specific area of the brain which makes the decision whether to vomit or not. Maybe there's a way to directly stimulate this part of the brain? [xaviergisz, Feb 16 2014]


       And if that doesn't do it for you, the bag comes with a small vial of ipecac. Bottoms up; insides out.
swimswim, Feb 16 2014

       //if you shut your eyes, I don't find it that bad.// I meant it euphemistically; her "coming of rage" party. Never heard her sing, though I understand she's a good voice.
FlyingToaster, Feb 16 2014

       //The sound of retching can induce vomiting//   

       The smell of vomit can also induce it, so I'd suggest the bag contain a bit of butyric acid (which apparently smells like vomit) or similar.
xaviergisz, Feb 17 2014

       If you peer down into the bottom of the bag there's a picture of me. In the nuddy. (You're welcome).
AusCan531, Feb 17 2014

       "Sure thing, barf bag" is, unless I am v much mistaken, a direct lift from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, when either Rocksteady or Bebop, accidentally hopped up on a pruno-like analogue of brave pills is commanded by Shredder to carry out some specific & trivial act of evil - something like "kill them!" or "don't let them get away". Failure and its attendant hilarious consequences ensued. tl;dr nice reference FT.
calum, Feb 17 2014


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