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anti-vomit spill
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for when you sick off beer or bad health, who wants that acid rot splashed on your pants and..it is like a funnel with a hose that goes in the toilet. as readily available as the plunger! maybe an empty gallon jug cut off at the bottom w/ a hose at its mouth for a homemade one. HAha
zpprhed, Dec 19 2002


       From the way punctuate and compose, I would determine your age to be about 11 or 12 maybe? What would a lad of your age be doing drinking to the point of emesis anyhow. Fishbone.
linguist, Dec 19 2002

       You're too generous, linguist - I'll match your fishbone, thereby raising, er - lowering, er - raising, er- ad nauseum - the pot to -2
thumbwax, Dec 19 2002

       Again I find myself railing against those who propose a unitary system of vomit removal and cleaning. Such a device is pure fantasy: vomit comes in many, many forms and all but the most liquid discharge will clog up any tube-based removal system a treat.
my face your, Dec 19 2002

       Hah! [UnaBubba] Heavens, no! Let's not throw away the cat... affix said device to his maw. (Difficulty noted, nauseous man with shredded forearms visits the pet groomer with a very untidy cat.)
X2Entendre, Dec 19 2002

       This is probably the first annotation I've seen wherein the author laugh's at his own premise.
ImBack, Dec 19 2002

       Barf Bong?
RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2002


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