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Travel Sickness Cure-all

Knowing which way is which
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A twist on [Anti-seasickness Design]

This simple product should prevent sea, car, train and in fact all travel sickness!

People tend to get sick while traveling because their inner-ear and their eyes are feeding their brain different information - So the fix is to make both pieces of information the match! This can be in the form of a simple artificial horizon.

Take a ping-pong ball - Cut it in half, paint one half sky-blue, the other grass/sea-green(sic). Fill the green and blue halves with plasticine, but add a large nut (or a magnet, see below) to the green half to make it a little heavier.

Glue the two halves together, and place in one of those transparent sphere's you get toys in, and fill it with alcohol.

Congratulations, you now have a simple, and multi-purpose Artificial Horizon. With care, it should give you years of vomit-free travelling!

Notes: The Magnet could make the device a compass too. The alcohol's got 2 purposes: To prevent freezing, and as an emergency backup source of alcohol.

Dub, Sep 06 2005

The artificial Horizon Glasses http://www.optic-tempest.com/
I'm afraid this is not nearly as halfbaked as these. But I've heard that Elton John might have a pair. [Dub, Sep 06 2005]

Joker_of_the_deck's Anti-seasickness Design Anti-seasickness_20Design
[Dub, Sep 07 2005]

Just gone on sale http://www.newlaunc...iefband_is_here.php
[Dub, Dec 14 2005]

Patent:Mug incorporating a simulated artificial horizon http://www.freepate...ne.com/5904268.html
[Dub, Jan 23 2007]

Hi-Tech Goggles Set To Combat Air Sickness http://news.sky.com...combat-air-sickness
"They work by getting wearers to view a virtual horizon and if the plane shifts to one side, so too will the view, effectively tricking the passenger's eyes and brain." [Dub, May 28 2015]

BlindType demo https://www.youtube...watch?v=M9b8NlMd79w
[notexactly, Jun 13 2015]

MetaFilter: I've got a remedy for seasickness. It's a pocean. https://www.metafil...ckness-Its-a-pocean
[Dub, Jun 14 2020]


       //and fill it with alcohol// It is always booze with you, isn't it?
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       [miasere] Pornography: Not for young sickies, though.   

       I thought of filling it with some viscous liquid, then ignored that and went with the alcohol... I think ships' compasses are the same. Advise, please, anyone?
Dub, Sep 06 2005

       [link]I prefer my solution - And it doesn't need batteries :)
Dub, Dec 14 2005

       I used to get motion sickness really bad, I mean I was good for about 2 minutes on a decent mountain range before barfaroo. A friend of my fathers explained that it was the disorientation between what I could see (and therefore motion/acceleration I was anticipating ie none) versus input from my inner ear. that's why watching a movie or reading a book is the worst for me, because I'm not thinking about the road at all. Two great solutions arose from this. a) sit up and look out the front window, watch the road and anticipate corners, g-forces, etc.   

       b) drive, cause youre thinking about it anyway.   

       Nowadays I just do all the driving, lucky that I love to drive, eh?   

       Perhaps a more powerful solution would be to make one channel of the in-flight/drive/train tv channel to eb a view of the track/road/flight path ahead, that way if the stomach starts rolling you just switch channels and think about what the vehicle is doing. It works for me every time.   

       Curiously, he explained that the reaction your body underwent for motion sickness was a psychosomatic version of the reaction to ingestion of toxins, ie uneasiness, folowed by queasiness, a feeling of fear/anxiety, followed by sickness, then disorientation, and eventually loss of consciousness. Really not sure if this was based on medical data, but I have had all of these symptoms at one time or another, in that progression, normally due to sea-sickness. I have also never encountered a tablet that can help me.
Custardguts, Jan 23 2007

       "A sure cure for sea-sickness is to sit under a tree."   

       Spike Milligan
mecotterill, Dec 30 2008

       //A sure cure for sea-sickness is to sit under a tree//
Is that what James Cagney was trying to do in "Mister Roberts"?
coprocephalous, Jan 06 2009

       I suffer quite badly from travel sickness (a mis-nomer if ever there was one). I can't go much more than about 20 miles in a car without starting to feel queasy, it's even worse on coaches and boats seems to depend on the weather. However, I have no problem at all on busses, trains or planes so I think that there must be other components to the issue. A bit of claustrophobia and the smell of cars/petrol also seem to contribute so I don't think that an artificial horizon would help me really.
DrBob, Jan 06 2009

       Okay, that link // Hi-Tech Goggles Set To Combat Air Sickness // Sounds fine, but I wouldn't want to wear virtual reality goggles all the time. This idea is fine, but staring at a small artificial horizon sounds boring.   

       So use the accelerometer in a tablet (or smart phone) to figure out where a virtual horizon should be, then adjust the normal cell-phone display to show images stationary compared to the horizon, not stationary relative to the tablet. You can use this to watch a movie, read a book, or whatever. Texting might be difficult if the keyboard is moving, so you'd need to make some special cases to only have part of the displayed image moving around. Of course the area of the display would need to be reduced and framed with a black border to avoid having parts of the screen cut off as it shifts around. During a turn, ideally the image would pan off the screen, but I bet if it only responded to fairly quick movements and not slow ones it would be able to keep the image on the screen and still combat motion sickness.   

       A similar system could be implemented on the movie screens built into the plane.
scad mientist, May 28 2015

       //People tend to get sick while traveling because their inner-ear and their eyes are feeding their brain different information//   

       Hang on a moment. I mean, just hang on for one moment.   

       Why, exactly, are these two sources of information different? If I'm on a ship in a stormy see, my inner ear will be telling me all about the roll and pitch of the ship. My eyes, likewise, will be telling me the same thing.   

       So where is the alleged mismatch which is supposed to cause sea-sickness? I suspect the real problem is just that your intestines are being sloshed around your abdomen and they, your eyes and your inner ear are all telling you the same thing.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2015

       It's well known that sitting in the back seat of a car or the rear of an aeroplane makes passengers more prone to sickness. This makes me think the phenomenon might be something to do with where you're sitting relative to the centre of rotation of the vehicle. If you're at the rear then during an upward pitch you actually accelerate downwards pretty rapidly, even though your net velocity may still be upward (during a climb for instance).
EnochLives, May 28 2015

       Your theory has some merit, [Enoch], but it fails to account fully for the observation that drinking three Mohitos in rapid succession prevents travel sickness.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2015

       // If I'm on a ship in a stormy see, my inner ear will be telling me all about the roll and pitch of the ship. My eyes, likewise, will be telling me the same thing.//   

       Not if you're inside the ship, then your inner ears will be telling you that you will be rolling pitching and yawing, whereas your eyes will be observing that your relative position to the bar remains constant. Mismatch.
bs0u0155, May 28 2015

       Which explains why 3 Mohitos will fix it. Those will help make the bar appear to pitch and spin, more closely resembling what your inner ear was saying.
scad mientist, May 29 2015

       If the prevailing theory is correct then closing your eyes should cure this.
EnochLives, May 29 2015

       If your eyes are closed, the image is not in sync with the motion, the image is nonexistent. I don't think this proves or disproves the theory.
scad mientist, May 29 2015

       // Texting might be difficult if the keyboard is moving //   

       It doesn't have to be. See [link]. (Still-available keyboards that do similar things include Fleksy and SwiftKey.)   

       // If your eyes are closed, the image is not in sync with the motion, the image is nonexistent. I don't think this proves or disproves the theory. //   

       But the theory says the cause is the presence of an image that is not in sync with the motion, not the lack of an image that is in sync with the motion. If it was the latter, you'd get seasick every time you closed your eyes.
notexactly, Jun 13 2015


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