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Reinforced-crotch trousers

Extra durability where it's needed
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I'm not sure whether it's because I do a lot of walking or because I do a lot of sitting, but every single pair of trousers I own wears out in exactly the same way: the spot directly between the legs gradually thins and finally rips (usually in the washer, thank goodness). Usually the rest of the cloth is still perfectly good at this point.

It's unlikely that I'm the only person with this experience. And yet no clothier seems to offer trousers with an extra-durable crotch, probably because the whole idea sounds vaguely embarassing. (I mean, come on, what was your first thought when you read the name of this idea?)

The chief problem in constructing the trousers would be in making the reinforcement blend in unobtrusively. (I'm assuming that most wearers won't want their crotches to stand out or attract attention.) A visible leather patch, as is used in reinforcing elbows of jackets, is really inappropriate here. Covering it with the main material is out of the question, because the covering part would wear and rip as usual, exposing the reinforcements - which is, I suppose, preferable to what would be exposed otherwise, but hardly ideal. No, what we really need is just an area of heavier material in the same color and roughly the same weave.

Alternately, I could just start wearing kilts.

baf, Mar 13 2000

Gramicci Pants and Shorts http://www.gramicci.com
the crotches here arent reinforced. they simply dont have seams in the crotch, which removes the weak point from that area, allowing for greater range of motion and less wear over time. they are also extremely comfortable, only problem is that they are mostly relaxed/outdoor wear clothes, and not really suited for wearing to work or to fancy-type-places. [rhino, Mar 13 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

diamond gusset jeans http://www.gusset.com/
"Ordinary jeans are constructed with a single center seam from front to back and up the legs. These seams are usually sewn with a "fell" fold. This means you are wearing jeans that have 8 ply seams, and they all come together at the same place. The crotch seam of a typical jean is actually 16 plies thick! " so yeah, another one to add to the list... [gusset, Mar 13 2000, last modified Oct 06 2004]

suites http://www.dictiona...dict.pl?term=suites
aimo: I take it you mean suits? [nick_n_uit, Mar 13 2000, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Old fashioned solution http://www.thehendr...odpiece_history.htm
Not quite the same thing but problem solved! [Ludwig, Oct 04 2004]


       I too have this problem rather often, but only with the baggier of pants that I've owned. I've taken to sewing reinforcements in as soon as there's noticable wear. It's not too obvious an addition if you put it inside the pants and follow the seam stitching closely.
fu-dog, Mar 13 2000

       Actually, one solution a tailor shop (or wherever you buy your pants) can do is to sew in what they call a "crotchpiece" which adds material to the crotch to help keep it from rubbing and thus from wearing prematurely. I wouldn't do this to blue jeans or Dockers, but it should work with any dress slacks you have.
Scooter, Apr 24 2000

       That's weird. I've *never* had the problem of the crotch wearing out first. For me, it's knees. Maybe both of us need to examine our behavior patterns.
pitch, Jul 08 2000

       I don't necessarily mind having attention directed at my crotch. I've also always had issues with the crotches wearing out first on my jeans. (It might have to do with the acidity of the wearer's sweat.) I once dyed my hair neon orange, and replaced the hole in the crotch with a satiny neon orange patch. Sort of an eye-catching primate signaling look.
naveline, Jul 10 2000

       I am facing this problem with suites, I suggest for an extra small fee to manufacture two trousers and one jacket.
aimo, Jul 26 2000

       I usually wear out the front of the thighs due to my work. Hey baf, if I could, I would wear a kilt to work, but alas, they are prohibited in an automotive manufacturing welding shop. As for naveline, I want to party with you!
bigyell, Sep 01 2000

       As for bigyell's opinion of partying with naveline, let me just say - "I'm there!"   

       Anyway, I'm a chick so I don't know if this makes much of a different, but it's usually the butt of my pants that rip out, which is odd, because I don't really sit that much. However, it's usually not a problem because I just wear overly bright tights under my jeans and it eliminates any worry about innappropriate areas for holes.
dagrrl, Nov 19 2000

       But then again, imagine what we'd be missing without all the used-torn-shredded crotches of the world?
Boson, Mar 05 2001

       Odd...caterpillars usually split front to back when the butterfly comes out. <grin>   

       Modular clothes would be cool, but it'd be hard to work. Velcro wouldn't work for structural places, and I don't know what else might...
StarChaser, Apr 02 2001

       How about just waiting 'til the crotch wears out, then replacing the worn fabric, not necessarily with the same material.
nick_n_uit, May 06 2001, last modified Jun 27 2001

       I say just cut the crotches out of the pants when you buy them and wear some kick-@$$ underwear. Tell everyone it's the newest fashion in sportswear, lumberjackwear, businesswear, ghettowear, swi-...no. wait.
ichinichi, Jun 30 2001

       [nick_n_uit] Or a nicely matching spray-on color.
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       I have to say that in my experience its not so much with my trousers that i have this kind of problem, its my boxer shorts. Continual testicular friction wears two holes into the crotch of the shorts causing said testes to hang out of the bottom of my underwear. Perhaps reinforcing material would be useful here too.......... ........or perhaps I should just buy underpants more frequently.
Redbrickterrace, Jun 30 2001

       testicular friction? Isn't that Lane Staley's new band?
djymm, Jul 01 2001

       Steel toed socks. Would let construction workers wear sneakers to work...   

       I once saw a pair of steel toed dress shoes...
StarChaser, Jul 02 2001

       High-quality hiking socks are a lot thicker on the toes, and consequently last years longer than ordinary socks. Sure, they cost more, but they're a bargain when you take the extra longevity into account.
baf, Jul 05 2001

       I agree, I get a wearing through in the crotch, posterior to the medial seam, due to the fact that I wear trousers cycling to work. The only trousers I've ever worn which haven't worn out are specially reinforced combats which I got in the UK and they're made out of a synthetic fabric. Anything based on cotton or natural fibers wears out, as does any combination with natural fibers.
johnchaughey, Nov 22 2001

       well then, wear a skirt to cycle to work, John.
lewisgirl, Nov 22 2001

       Then the top of your legs would wear out instead.
dare99, Nov 22 2001

       Cycling shorts might be a better idea.
DrBob, Nov 22 2001

Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 09 2002

       As someone who has had a pair of trousers loudly rip right down through the crotch, while sitting down in the middle of a large group of people, I give this idea a hearty croissant.
Jeremi, Mar 10 2002

       Perhaps a super-low friction patch, like that on the inside of the legs of speed-skaters uniforms, could be employed. Not certain the chrome would be an accepted fashion trend, though.
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2002

       Um (if you're handy with a sewing machine) you can cut the bottoms off the legs to make oh-so-trendy summer short pants/capris, and then sew the removed fabric into the missing area.
Yenny, Jul 12 2002

       Good idea, but baked. If you've ever taken a look at BDU pants (army issue camouflage) you'll see that they have already figured this out.
oddsonsardines, Jul 13 2002

       Baked by movie martial artist Chuck Norris, but you get my vote anyway.
tharsaile, Jul 14 2002

       Why not start using cod pieces again? (see link) Remember Cameo?
Ludwig, Nov 28 2002

       Painfully clearly. Which isn't to say very.
Ludwig, Nov 28 2002

       Where I went to high school, all guys had worn white areas over the calves of their jeans. Only a few girls did. I believed that this was the natural way for guys to wear out their jeans. It turns out that it was the desks our school had - the way most guys sat in them exposed the jean calves to extra wear. When I went to college, I never had worn calves again.   

       I bring this up because it may not be the clothes that are wearing out, but the habits one has while wearing the clothes. Perhaps something about the work environment baf is in exposes the crotches of pants to undue wear.
bungston, Nov 28 2002

       I personally like how pitch wears out here jeans! I need someone like that!
ibidonebay, Feb 15 2004

       Using a satin-type material as a detachable lining for your trousers would help avoid the 'same-place' wear on your pants... but then again the static electricity that would build up might cause other problems.
no12pass, Feb 16 2004

       How about some MC Hammer trous where the crotch starts around the knee, or Arabian Knights baggies, or WW1 Fighter Ace winged jodpurs....   

       Might assist in increasing sperm counts due to the better cooling performance.
timbeau, Feb 17 2004

       Finally, someone that understands... I have "runners thighs" (probably from all that running) and I get tired of all my pants wearing out in the same place.   

       I think that a good solution would be some sort of high durability fabric that also has low friction so that the fibers don't catch on each other and thus are less likely to wear out. It would also make walking more comfortable.
bspollard, May 27 2004

       The solution is simple. Think: formal chainmail.
Jefficus, Jan 17 2005

       I saw a link once but can't find it. There are dress suits you can buy made out of 'space age' material that are actually bulletproof against small arms fire.   

       If bullets can't defeat them I bet your crotch can't either.
Giblet, Jan 18 2005


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