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Sock Pocket Pants

For Guys Who Want To Make a BIG First Impression
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There have been guys raiding their sock drawers for centuries, all bent on stuffing their trousers, with varying degrees of success. Finally, here are pants with an inside pocket discretely sewn in front. This will allow guys to add as many socks as they wish while making sure the socks don't migrate as the evening drags on. This inner sock pocket allows guys to avoid the embarrassment felt when the socks they stuff in the front eventually migrate to the back --- not a pretty sight. Thus, they can add as much endowment-enhancement as they feel they need to make the intended impression. (This is similar in concept to girls wearing padded bras.)
Grogster, Sep 07 2010


       It needs a better title, but it's a clever and stupid idea. There could also be an inflatable version? (+)
xenzag, Sep 07 2010

       Or the inflatable flailing tube sock version.   


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