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Resonator of Death

Sonic/vibrational weapon that finds target's resonant frequency and destroys it.
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This device could have a directional microphone, like a rifle mic or the big dish thing, which focuses on the object to destroy. A Gigantic, maybe even big-subwoofer sized directional speaker, focused, is also aimed at the target. A computer system finds the resonant frequency by scanning the spectrum then fires the speaker full blast, destroying the object.

Given, it'd be hard to pinpoint the exact frequency, but for humans, the bowel-liquefying frequency is known, approximately, and for harder objects like concrete, it could be picked up, crumbling it...

Crazy Bastard, Apr 25 2002

Sonic Varminter with Unabubba Collimator http://www.halfbake...abubba_20Collimator
"...The barrel contains an amplifier and high efficiency speakers to project the sound. The collimator is the last and crucial element that focuses the audio energy into a band so tight that only the target can hear it..." [bristolz, Apr 25 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

sonic wave destructor http://www.halfbake...20wave_20destructor
"...An evil weapon used to collect sonic waves and redirect them with lethal force!" [bristolz, Apr 25 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

US Military "Non-Leathal" Weapons http://www.angelfir...dweapon/weapon2.htm
Allegedly baked. Look at the acoustic weapon section. [Aristotle, Apr 25 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       What is this, the theme of the month?
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       I thought I had eaten a dodgy meat pie, bris.
po, Apr 25 2002

       Hm. I thought I left him locked in the attic.
...wonder who/what's been eating the food?

       And now I see this, after he told me and told me and told me, "It's just for re-heating leftovers".
half, Apr 25 2002

       All you need is a CT scan/MRI of your victim. Everyone's cranial cavity has a particular resonant frequency. [CB], you sure you don't work out at Lawrence Livermore? Maybe Dugway? If not send them your resume, make sure to use your HB name.   

       Tracking...Powering up...Zaparoony....Whoa! did you see that guy's head just explode?   

       Super-Freaky Weapons Design, now that is what I should have majored in, instead of just a minor.
dag, Apr 25 2002

       CB has 1/2 the genetic makeup and 1/2C has half the madness. who you going with bliss? <hides behind bristolz>
po, Apr 25 2002

       I went to a KLF press conference where the jamms claimed that the speakers on Jimmy Cautey's armoured car could play sounds at a frequency that would make humans lose control of their bowels. Of course everyone scoffed, but when the noise stared up, and it was VERY loud and disconcerting, and the frequency started to descend, there were a few worried faces, (but seemingly not, ultimately, a worry of faeces). Never found out if it could actually work, or if it did, nobody owned up.
notripe, Apr 25 2002

       Hm, MRI? Perfect! It's the magnetic resonance I think, but a microwave weapon with a similar operating principle could be designed-- like a focusable radar dish with adaptable frequencies. You could tune it to someone's vision center in the brain and make them see shit or something.   

       But with the sonic thing, ever so much fun! You could use it to destroy hard objects that don't respond to EM as well. Like shattering a wine glass-- you find the resonant frequency, pump up the volume, and pop it goes.   

       This might also be possible with ultrasound, as government-funded harrassment groups have been researching(like the Curdler), you could make the difference between the two ultrasound frequencies smaller and thus produce a lower-frequency beat, going into the ELF range, allowing an extremely wide range of destructive power. It might also be easier to focus than just a bigass hi-fi speaker.
Crazy Bastard, Apr 26 2002

       Oh, and I think it's those rotten fish remains that I've been eating :-P
Crazy Bastard, Apr 26 2002

       notripe: This was the sonic weapon that reported found by a musician and experiented with to see what sweet music could be made with it.
Aristotle, Apr 26 2002

       it wasn't sweet - but it had a certain something
notripe, Apr 26 2002

       The feds stole my idea I tell you!
Crazy Bastard, Apr 27 2002

       That bowel-liquefying frequency effect is an urban myth.
lumpy, Apr 28 2002

       the ex-wife on the phone can have that effect, I am told.
po, Apr 28 2002

       I had a co-worker friend who used to be a tech in special ops. They were conducting experiments with heart-stopping resonance frequencies.
RayfordSteele, Apr 28 2002

       I wonder if this kind of technique could be used to kill mosquitos in a room? What's the resonant frequency of a mosquito?
Ling, Apr 08 2004

       440Hz, maybe? They seem to buzz in the note of A above middle C. (I used to hear them buzzing in my ear at night, and I have perfect pitch.)
phundug, Apr 08 2004

       That would be the frequency of the wing-beat. I think I could basically answer this -
Speed of sound in air - approx 320m/s
Length of mosquito 0.005m (5mm, or just under 1/4 inch).
320/0.005 = frequency, 64KHz.
I wonder if it would work?
Ling, Apr 09 2004

       Shouldn't you be using speed of sound in mosquito, rather than air?
Worldgineer, Apr 09 2004

       Yes, of course. Mainly salty water: 1530m/s. So 306KHz is required. Hmmmm...
Ling, Apr 09 2004

       You stole my idea - I came up with this 6 years ago. Everyone thought I was crazy when I tried to introduce the idea in a nother forum - bastards.
anon52, Apr 23 2004

       "the bowel-liquefying frequency is known"
What you're thinking of is "the brown noise".
MikeOliver, Apr 23 2004


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