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iron maiden gun

gun that shoots iron maiden music
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Just a gun looking thing with a speaker on the end. When you pull the trigger it plays Iron Maiden really loud. Iron Maiden rocks, and if you used this gun on someone who wanted to rob you, they would instantly like you because they probably like Iron Maiden too. Then you could both enjoy the music for a while, then become friends and maybe together you could go rob someone else.

This would likely work with AC/DC too. Don't try Metallica, they'll sue you.

Crackpot, Oct 20 2006

"Gun, With Occasional Music" http://www.powells....lio?isbn=0156028972
In the author's future, guns play ominous music when brandished [normzone, Oct 23 2006]

No [zentom], it wouldn't be a Kate Bush gun. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=u5Snehl2bAk
There must surely be some kind of convention that prevents the creation of Kate Bush-based weapons. [Jinbish, Feb 05 2008]


       Or possibly some Alabama Thunder Pussy.
Eugene, Oct 20 2006

       we're not allowed to carry guns (or knives) for protection purposes here so I'll opt for a Status Quo personal alarm.
po, Oct 21 2006

       Or the Cliff Richard Debilitator
DenholmRicshaw, Oct 21 2006

       Absolute rubbish. [+] for making me laugh.
hidden truths, Oct 21 2006

       oh funny, DR. I think repeated bursts of Batchelor Boy would debilitate anyone.
po, Oct 21 2006

       I can see the a large tennis racket extending from the end of the Cliff Richard Debilitator, and being used to beat your assailant senseless (to the tune of Congratulations).
zen_tom, Oct 21 2006

       In the unlikely event that this gun doesn't make the robber like you, will it make them run away? To the hills, perhaps?
Jinbish, Oct 23 2006

       Wouldn't that be a Kate Bush gun?
zen_tom, Oct 23 2006

       This would work well if you were being robbed in Duluth. Probably less well in St Louis.
bungston, Feb 06 2008

       what they told us / that they wanted / was a sound / that would kill someone / from a distance / so we go ahead / but the needles are going in the red / it's a mistake / we are making ... -- Kate Bush, "Experiment IV"
smendler, Jan 23 2009


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