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Threat Ball

If you can't smoke 'em out, Scare 'em out.
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We've all heard of it: Psychological Warfare. In this modern war on terrorism, a war in which many battles render high-tech weapons obsolete because everyone's got them, we often resort to pychological warfare. This usually consists of such methods as sending threatening messages over the radios, T.V's, etc., or of leaflet drops (leaflets are tiny scraps of paper the size of a dollar bill with threatening pictures and words written on them and they are dropped from airplanes by the thousands to demoralize our enemies when they pick them up).

Well, the Threat Ball is kinda like the leaflet, except instead of paper, it's a bouncy ball with a recording inside that loudly declares, in an annoying high-pitched singsong voice "you're all gonna die, you're all gonna die, you're all gonna die..." in the native language of your enemy.

These could also be thrown inside buildings where insurgents are known to be hiding, and could be programmed with different messages to demoralize the enemy and make surrender that much more likely.

This would make an incredibly effective psychological weapon, and give our troops that much more of an edge.

21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

Various Taliban Songs http://politicalhum...m/od/binladensongs/
Second song down, I think. [21 Quest, Jan 20 2006]


       Or we could chuck around talking/singing hand grenades.

       "3...2...1...C'mon, everyone sing along now to John Lee Hooker's~Boom Boom"
skinflaps, Jan 20 2006

       It could also be programmed to sing the Taliban Song, rather fitting, I think.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       Allah aid us! They're throwing bouncy balls at us! We're doomed!

       Sorry, I don't think so.
DrCurry, Jan 20 2006

       "Come out with your hands up, or we start the repeats of "Friends""
coprocephalous, Jan 20 2006

       Of course they can come in various sizes. That link, the PsyCube, is a good idea, but with limited applications. It can only be airdropped because such a device is too big to be carried. The one's I have in mind are about the size of a billiard ball, so they can be carried by soldiers and thrown into enemy bunkers, rolled down hallways, etc. There could also be grenade models available, which explode after playing the song once or twice. A remote control could detonate it early if someone tries to throw it back.
21 Quest, Jan 21 2006

       I'm pretty sure you could sing them to death with barney or teletubbies. No one can withstand that kind of torture.
krigre55, Nov 30 2007

       In the words of Heinlein the master,"I am a 30 second bomb, I am a 30 second bomb, 29, 28, 27..." - Starship Troopers, 1955, don't even talk about the movie.
MisterQED, Nov 30 2007

       Honestly - I'd just pick the thing up and throw it back. If I didn't have a gun, that is.
phoenix, Nov 30 2007


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