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Vuvuzela Bagpipes

Aural Octopoid of the Apocalypse
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"And I sat among the fans in the stadium, and saw a beast rise up out of a seat, having a bloated tartan body and ten horns, and upon its horns ten fluted openings, and upon his heads the name of cacophony"
Reverberations 3:1415926

It was foretold, but how innocent we were... Oblivious to the dangers of scientific experiments on musical instruments. We knew that nothing good could come from crossing Scottish Highland bagpipes with South African vuvuzelas.

And so the horns blew, and the terrible sounds of vuvuzela **echoed** throughout the Halfbakery, and the pastry crumbled.

Jinbish, Jun 15 2010

More cowbell? http://www.vuvuzela...Bagpipes#1276934411
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 19 2010]

Baked Baked Baked http://www.sport24....ltic-twist-20100607
[pocmloc, Jun 19 2010]


       Have you been to the pi seller again? I told you they aren't good for you.
wagster, Jun 16 2010

       Either that, or some e.
pocmloc, Jun 16 2010

       ...where do you put the bags on? +
xandram, Jun 16 2010

       A truly monumental skirrl. I fear, though, that DrBob might suggest an alternative use on at least two counts - (How many pipey bits does a bagpipe have anyway?. More than most folk have orifices, I'll be bound!)
gnomethang, Jun 16 2010

       Different bapipes have different numbers of pipey bits, depending on what kind of pipes and which bit counts as pipey. For example, a 'goose' (a kind of practice pipe) has a pipey bit to blow down and a pipey bit to play the tune on, total 2. A Scottish Great Highland bagpipe has a blowey pipey bit, a tuney pipey bit, and three droney pipey bits, total 5. But each droney bit is actually two seperate parts joined end to end, so you could count 7. Irish pipes have a pumpy pipey bit (noee blowwee siree), a tuney pipey bit, three droney pipey bits, and three kind of chordey pipey bits, total 8, and I dont know how many sections you can pull the front pipes apart into.   

       As for persons, I think 9 or 10 is the standard count?
pocmloc, Jun 16 2010

       Many thanks for the cogent explanation, [pocmloc], I have committed that to memory . Perhaps I should have clarified - "Orifices that are only slightly smaller than the average bore vuvuzela" - no one is going to bother shoving one up your nasal cavity - that's just silly.
gnomethang, Jun 19 2010

       Nice. I was going to post the "Kazoovuzela", but this is better. [+]
hippo, Jun 19 2010

       how do you pronounce vuvuzela?
po, Jun 19 2010

po, Jun 19 2010

       I love that this is listed under "weapon".
Riki, Jul 22 2010

       //how do you pronounce vuvuzela?//   

       If you're English, "voo voo zay lah".   

       If you're an expert, "vuvv - you - seller".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 22 2010

       I love this idea.
WcW, Jul 22 2010

       //If you're English, "voo voo zay lah".//

And if you are German it's "Uwe Seeler".
DrBob, Jul 23 2010

       Just spotted [pocmloc]'s link. The instrument in the picture doesn't seem quite as cataclysmic as I'd thought... but it's typical that it's the attention seeking freak-piper that has made them.   

       Besides, I can only count 4 drones, this daemon of biblical proportions should have 10 horns and 10 fluted openings on each horn... (clutching straws)
Jinbish, Jul 23 2010


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