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sonic bomb

drop it down and hear it ring!
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Imagine a bomb that does nothing but makes noise.The noise is so loud that it can render anyone unconsious.it would help make time for the Army to get their troops in to position.it would also mess up enemy sonar signals.It would not, however,damage machinery or equipment.
mastero, Jan 03 2005


       I say all cars with overactive car alarms that the police find parked on the street should be rounded up, shipped to whatever country we're fighting, and strategically placed on the battlefield. Mission accomplished.
phundug, Jan 03 2005

       Does that have anything to do with the sonic bomb?
mastero, Jan 03 2005

       Yes, mastero, did you used to work for a rock band and therefore are accustomed to captive audiences?
mensmaximus, Jan 03 2005

       ..would the effects of this device perhaps resemble the shockwave generated by any large explosive device?
5th Earth, Jan 03 2005

       Likely. Large sonic signatures do cause mechanical failure and would probably damage machinery and equipment.
bristolz, Jan 03 2005

       easily repelled by ear muffs.
benfrost, Jan 03 2005

       plus: keeps ears toasty warm. This would be a fine weapon for riot control: not so loud to render unconscious, but so loud you really want to leave the area. Also could be used for siege situations instead of tear gas etc. It would be good if it played a repetitive (very loud) little tune.
bungston, Jan 04 2005

       I've heard that, psychologically, the sound of a crying baby is quite stressful. A little 5kg package can drive a person to distraction. Imagine the effect if amplified.
Ling, Jan 04 2005

       [Ling] I think I might ask someone about that for a car alarm on my next car. Think it might work?
Zimmy, Jan 04 2005

       The only way I could see this being useful would be if one were to construct a pyrotechnic to produce a rapid sequence of compression waves rather than one really big one. Given how loud a little 1oz shrieking firework can be, I would think a 750lb version might be even moreso.   

       With such a thing, the trick would be to identify frequencies that would be 'useful' for achieving a particular objective. If, for example, one knew the resonant frequency of certain items (or structures, or whatever) and could tune the "bomb" to those frequencies, one might theoretically be able to focus damage.   

       In practice, I doubt even that would work well, but it would at least be a somewhat novel concept.
supercat, Jan 04 2005

lumpysausage007, Jan 04 2005

       Use enough of those underground or in the ocean and cause an earthquake/tsunami.
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       I guess.
mastero, Jan 14 2005

       Don't police use flash bang's or something like that for drug raids? I think they consist of a small grenade that makes a realy sharp bang and big flash which disorients those around it.   

       I think the MOB that was used in afganistan is exactly what is mentioned here. It is a realy big bomb that makes such a big shockwave, that it stuns (or kills) those anywhere near the area that it is droped. It is detonated in the air.   

       I say that this is baked.
dlapham, Jan 14 2005


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