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Roller Coasters

Just what the name implys...
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I can never seem to find enough coasters when company drops in. And on hot summer days it seems I'm always in need of a new, fresh, dry one.

Hence Roller Coasters. Coasters that come on a roll that are made out of reusable plastic circles. Different designs of course. The weight of the beverage would soften out the kinks and curls whilst sitting on it.

I could keep my dispenser next to my favorite chair and pop it out when company comes over for lemonade.

Roller Coasters. Yeah.

blissmiss, May 30 2009

A whole loaf of these... http://www.josleys....h.jpg&name=Clowns07
[4whom, May 31 2009]

or these.... http://www.josleys....n.jpg&name=Clowns06
[4whom, May 31 2009]


       if they are re-usable, would you be able to link them back together to pop them back into the dispenser? I'm thinking jigsaw shapes...
po, May 31 2009

       [+]. Quite unbelievable that these don't exist.
4whom, May 31 2009

       They need to look like salami slices when cut. Call it Sausage-Roller Coasters. An essential idea [bliss] +
xenzag, May 31 2009

       Oooohhh, the patterns. Hyperbolic tessalations, fractals, 3D effects. I like it even more now. Two of my favorites linked...   

       [edit] the loaf could actually morph from one to another or through a series of different tesselations with the same/similar tiles.   

       I think I may have a method for the Roller Coaster Coaster Roller...
4whom, May 31 2009

       Wow thank you for your feedback. I was thinking ordinary geometric designs, but I'm liking all the other thoughts. Can we get these marketed soon? I need my millions for moving expenses.
blissmiss, May 31 2009

       Marketed soon, of course. However, you did leave this in the public domain.   

       [xen...]'s additions would incur royalties. My roller coaster coaster roller will remain proprietary. We have to deduct design, marketing and manufacture costs. Then there are the venture capital costs. Packaging, distribution and retail space costs. Advertising and brand management costs. Legal retainers, liability insurance, payrolls. Did I mention input cost hedging, output price hedging, transportation/logistics management (presuming manufacture in a reasonable clime like China), labour relations, unforeseen industrial activity.   

       With your cut I recommend you stay where you are for the foreseeable future. Will keep you updated regularily, via e-mail from my private island..
4whom, May 31 2009

       putting rollers on coasters seemed like a good idea until someone bumped the table and all of the drinks rolled off the edge...
sninctown, May 31 2009

       A roll'o'coasters - aka doily dispenser! Brilliant.
zen_tom, Jun 01 2009


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