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Roomba Grocery List Maker

Amazon just acquired Roomba (link).
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Incorporate robot vacuum cleaners into Amazon's business model by having them analyze food crumbs on your floor to make grocery lists. For example, if it notices your usual trail of Cheetos crumbs hasn't re-appeared since the last time it vacuumed, it will order more for you.

This is for households that refuse to buy Amazon's robo-dog that would otherwise fulfill this role.

a1, Aug 05 2022

Amazon to buy company behind Roomba in $1.7 billion deal https://www.cnn.com...mazon-irobot-roomba
[a1, Aug 05 2022]


       This idea sucks
pocmloc, Aug 05 2022

       One can only hope. It's just another way for Amazon to suck up your information - seemingly "innocent" because it doesn't have microphones and cameras like Alexa, Ring, Astro, etc -but still able to get a floor plan of your home and learn a lot more by what it finds laying around.   

       EDIT: Correction, some Roomba do have cameras. Just less obvious.
a1, Aug 05 2022

       I have no idea what Roomba is about, but here to be positive. OK checking, lets see. OK this is a great idea, turning your cleaning robot into a private eye gathering forensic evidence. [+]. Anything with investigating and finding out things from slight hints is good.
pashute, Aug 16 2022


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