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Smirnoff Icee Ice, Arctic Blast

Combination of Smirnoff Ice, and Icee drink
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the delectable beverage of slushy smirnoff ice was discovered, like many other great inventions, by accident. a bottle of the already delicious smirnoff ice was left in the freezer a few minutes too long. upon removal, this beverage was solid within the bottle. after thawing a short time, the contents reached a perfect state of equlibrium: slush. unfortunately, during the course of consumption, the beverage thawed rapidly, causing it to reach a state of complete liquidity at 2/3 consumed. also unfortunate, is the freezer-area vigilance required to recreate this beverage.

and so, in hopes of palates satisfied and thirsts quenched simultaneously, i propose a noble union. for if smirnoff ice and icee arctic blast combine forces, millions of customers will have this wondrous beverage available to them on tap. smirnoff would make smirnoff ice in syrup form, similar to other icee flavor syrups, such as blue raspberry. icee company would station machines in nightclubs, restaurants, and other venues. patrons would buy the beverage at enormous rates, for its superior power of refreshment, its alcoholic effect, and, most of all, its exquisite taste.

dj_photon, Oct 18 2001

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       Vodka, and other strong liquor (40% and over) does not freeze*. You should be able to find the right blend of Smirnoff blue label and Smirnoff Ice to achieve the slushy texture you desire. Or at least have fun trying.   

       *at domestic freezer temperatures, pedants.
pottedstu, Oct 18 2001

       As [pottedstu] points out, the alcohol itself wouldn't freeze, but any water mixed with it would. Since this would be the equivalent of moonshine on ice, that first sip would be a doozy.
phoenix, Oct 18 2001

       I once had a domestic freezer with a broken thermostat that could easily solidify a bottle of vodka if it was left overnight. Great summer drinks.
sirrobin, Oct 18 2001

       [phoenix]: Actually, the thing with solutions of alcohol in water (or is it water in alcohol?) at high concentrations of alcohol is that none of it freezes, not the water or the alcohol.   

       I was, I think, wondering if you could blend a solution that at the temperature of your freezer would be close to the freezing point and thus like slush. Although I'm not too sure if I was thinking of anything in particular other than getting drunk.
pottedstu, Oct 18 2001

       Do they (water/alcohol) mix? I wouldn't have thought so, but don't know. Perhaps there are other substances in the mixture that do combine with water to lower it's freezing point (the way salt will).   

       How about using an ice cream maker? Something that simultaneously freezes and stirs the liquid so it doesn't freeze solid.
phoenix, Oct 18 2001

       Crunchy gum --- Yum!   

       [phoenix] Water and alcohol combine in a peculiar fashion, that is to say, deceptively. When you combine equal volumes of water and alcohol; example, one liter each, the total resulting volume will be less than two liters. How much less I cannot recall, but I want to say about 10% less. Caused by the space lost with water's boomerang molecular shape getting reclaimed by a more efficient arrangement of molecules made in a mixture of said boomerang shaped and polarized water and less polar ethanol.
reensure, Oct 18 2001

       New Orleans has these monstrosities, starting with "Hurrcane" flavor and branching out from there. dj, check out the Big Easy for this.
daruma, Oct 18 2001

       Get a foreign freezer?
beauxeault, Oct 19 2001

       If Icee Arctic Blast is what I think it is - the US equivalent of the UK Slush Puppy - then this is bakedish / bakeable over here in the UK where loads of bars use slushy machines to make marguaritas[sp.?]. From what I recall Smirnoff Ice is just lemony-lemonade laced with vodka, so it should be easy enough to create an acceptable simulacrum.   

       BTW, some friends of mine have an ice-cream maker, which they use to make alcoholic ice-cream, so it's certainly possible. And their Gin-and-Tonic sorbet is superb.
Guy Fox, Oct 19 2001

       Regarding the mixing of alcohol and water, the important question is not whether they do, but whether they should.
Guncrazy, Oct 19 2001

       Marvellous. I'll have a lime one please.
pussygalore, Oct 19 2001

       I like the idea of being able to serve yourself, like you can do in some fast food restaurants where Icee Machines are present. I'm picturing a Simpsons episode... <umghhh>
DreamGoddess, Oct 19 2001

       No, it's not a daquiri or a slush puppy. Neither of these things is carbonated, while Icees and Smirnoff Ice are both carbonated. And if the drink was made in a machine, whether the alcohol could freeze or not wouldn't matter. The machine combines room temperature post mix syrup (which would contain the alcohol) with carbonation and shaved ice. As for freezing alcohol, yes, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice will freeze in an ordinary freezer. I've never had one crack open, but it might be possible. I like the ice cream and sorbet idea.
dj_photon, Nov 05 2001

       We all understand that there's no vodka in Smirnoff Ice, right? It's essentially lemonade-flavored beer.
snarfyguy, Nov 05 2001


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