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SASS Radio

Short Attention Span Songs
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Radio station format where the songs are hyper-abbreviated versions of popular play list. Songs are about a minute long and feature the best part of the song- just enough to satisfy you if you like the song, short enough if you don't like it. Similar to the cut down music played for lap dancing, you can listen to an entire selection while waiting for a stop light or waiting for the computer to boot up. One song fades smoothly into the next, and even the commercials are brief. Listen to twice the music on your commute with more variety instead of less songs with the same song repeating.
wombat, Feb 02 2004

Short Music for Short Poeple http://www.alt-rock...ple_B00000J631.html
[Fat Wreck Chords] [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Antique firearm music ? http://www.sassnet.com/
I think this would be a strange form of sharing music.... [normzone, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Radio SASS http://www.radiosass.com/
Here, "SASS" stands for "Short Attention Span System", not just ... Songs. Radio pro George Gimarc applied for the patent (below) in 2002, was granted one in 2006, and is now marketing his invention. [jutta, Sep 09 2006]

US Patent 7,038,118 B1 http://www.uspto.go...38118-20060502.html
"Method and System for Time-Shortening Songs." [jutta, Sep 09 2006]

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       Most classical music stations are now like this.
phundug, Feb 02 2004

       Fat Wreck Chords put out a compilation CD called "Short Songs for Short People" where all of the bands did songs no longer than 30 seconds a piece. Great CD ... if you're into the punk rock thing ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       Explain the idea again? I tuned out for a second...
Fishrat, Feb 03 2004

       <back in the olden days> I remember listening to a station, KLIV in San Jose, that played all of their records at a faster speed. They got more songs in, but if you ever heard the song on another station, all the songs sounded like they were being sung by the (late) Barry White. <back in the olden days>
Klaatu, Feb 03 2004

       See also Jive Bunny and Stars on 45, who produced a number of records by combining the best bits of existing pop songs.
kropotkin, Feb 03 2004

       Any of the polkas by Weird Al have a similar idea...but they combine it with the majesty of POLKA! What's not to like?
inc_b, Aug 10 2004

       I work on a commercial radio station in the UK, and I now have 2 minute versions of most songs on my playlist. Shortened songs are used especially at breakfast time where people have shorted attention spans. Some radio stations actually speed the song up, too.
Fishrat, Aug 11 2004

       If only everything could be modified so as to be more similar to lap dancing.
bungston, Sep 10 2006


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