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Vertical Wind Tunnel Pornography

just like it sounds
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This is pornography filmed in a vertical wind tunnel, at low power, with wings. I couldn't find any online. Doing it upside down? There must be tons of it, right? Not to google's knowledge.
JesusHChrist, Mar 03 2017


       [JHC], most VWTs recirculate the air (ie, air ejected out of the top goes around a huge duct and back in at the base), because this greatly reduces the power needed.   

       One consequence of this is that, if somebody throws up in a VWT, they have about half a second to get out of the way before it comes around again. For reasons that I need not go into, somewhat similar issues may arise with VWT pornography.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2017

       And surely there is an appropriate category someplace in the 'bakery. Hold on, I'll go look ... (grumbling " ... Have to do everything around here, nobody reads anymore ...")   

       How about:   

       Business: Advertising: Media: Sky
or Business: ATM: Position
or Product: Movie
or Product: Personal Flight Recorder
or Public: Head of State
or Science: Energy: Wind: Appearance
or Science: Energy: Wind: Oscillation
or Science: Fluid Mechanics
or Science: Health: Sexual Aid
or Sport: Air: Skydiving
or Sport: Mass Participation
or Vehicle: Aircraft: Flapping (that one sounds familiar)

       I mean, I suppose you COULD find prostitutes willing to do this, but I suspect that it would be part time work at best.
normzone, Mar 03 2017

       "Dial 555-1212 and ask for Gale ..." ?
8th of 7, Mar 03 2017

       Well, there are nude skydiving videos, and I have seen video of persons dangling from rock climbing gear off a cliff having sex. You'd think that Rule 34 would have covered this by now.   

       Your problem may be that you're using Google. They're getting pretty prudish in their doteage.
normzone, Mar 03 2017

       Develop a wind tunnel baptism and you can start four new religious sects. Naked or fully dressed, and with or with out vomit.
popbottle, Mar 03 2017

       Pants and No-Pants, surely?
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2017

       //...if somebody throws up ... similar issues may arise with ... pornography//   

       [Max], you are watching the wrong kind of porn.
pocmloc, Mar 10 2017


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