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S'Noose Alarm

Get up or the doll gets it
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The S'Noose alarm clock, stylishly designed in black, black, and midnight purple, is designed in the shape of a gallows. Standing on the trapdoor is a doll in the shape of a person (though you can replace this with the doll of your choice). A noose hangs around the doll's neck.

When the alarm rings the first time, you can either turn it off and get up, or you can press the 'snoose' button.

If you press the snoose button, and are still asleep after the snooze period's over, the trap doors open and the doll dangles from the noose. At the same time, heart-rending, horrific screams, gurgles and chokes, accompanied by desperate pleas for mercy assail your ears.

When you turn the alarm off, the rope slackens, allowing the doll to fall down and rest on the ground, with a quietly murmured 'thank you', before re-setting itself in position for the next night.

The S'Noose alarm will quickly encourage you to get up on time rather than snoozing. Alternatively, it could come in handy for practitioners of voodoo.

(Probably best not used as a children's alarm clock, though, unless you want them to grow up to be either highly punctual, extremely jumpy people who yelp nervously whenever they're startled by a sudden noise, or cruel and twisted evil geniuses who cackle in mad delight at the misery of others.

imaginality, Mar 04 2007

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