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Sci Fi Fashion

Do away with the holier than thou look
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It seems that whenever you watch some science fiction film / tv program the clothes the people wear all seem to have this holier than thou minimalist look.

Given some of the horrible mistakes commited in the name of fashion in the past and now, it would bee nice to see something that display the fashion of the future as some horrible melange of 16th through 20th century fashions

imagooAJ, Dec 12 2000

Babylon 5: G'Kar (and Londo Mollari) http://www.sadgeeze...m/babylon5/gkar.htm
Page down. Man, I miss that show. [jutta, Oct 04 2004]

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       I think that, as far as science fiction films are concerned (in fact film generally), there's an inverse proportional law that can be applied to the relationship between exposed flesh and quality of script (though I excuse The Fifth Element from this).
DrBob, Dec 14 2000

       And Barbarella? Or is that the kind of thing you meant?
hippo, Dec 14 2000

       hippo: I've never quite made up my mind about Barbarella. I'm not sure whether it's hilarious satire or just pants. I like the opening titles though.
DrBob, Dec 15 2000

       Where does "Planet of the Apes" fall in here? Ben Hur meets Bonanza? I don't remember any particularly "holy" clothes, except for the rags the humans were wearing.
wasraw, Dec 16 2000

       Lots of little touches of SFnal fashion creep into everyday life. I see silvery pants and jackets (obviously designed more for the look than for any insulating quality) every now and then on the street. Non-everyday life can have more: raver fashion for example is pretty sfnal.
wiml, May 27 2001

       Check out "The Gernsback Continuum," the first (IIRC) story in William Gibson's anthology _Burning Chrome_ for an exploration of this theme.
bookworm, May 28 2001

       Babalon 5. 'Nuff said.
elendilmir, Aug 25 2001

       Mephista hit it right. So me and my friends (one of which is biologist AND sci-fi author Peter Watts) put together a show called "strange frame" -Like bad jokes that make you cringe, most sci-fi today is just trite fantasy: worm holes that don't crush, faster than light travel and, of course, time travel anytime the writers are in a plot cul-de-sac. As for style, "strange frame" emerges from the dark reminiscent of fire lit Balinese puppet dances becoming hypnotic not through melodramatic, frenetic movement, but with luscious art, eerie atmosphere and, as per this discussion, varied fashion. I mean when you walk down the street does everyone follow a trend? I guess in a militarized society like Trek everyone has to!   

       Well, we are busy shopping it around- so far the response from Hollywood has been that it is "too good for television" and "where are the explosions?" I'm not going to put the link here so I don't get anti-spam bashed- you can find it on google or some such thang.
GB, May 16 2002

       Quite a good idea!
Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

       "The 5th Element" pulled off what I think was a nice mix of futuristic, reasonably realistic, and totally bizzarre.
5th Earth, Aug 29 2004

       If you don't think sci fi has regrettable fashion in it, you've obviously never seen battlestar galactica(the old one, not the new miniseries). Sci-fi and... disco.
Corona688, Oct 31 2004


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