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SeaSalt and Vinegar

Low cost low energy prepared condiment
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In the UK, and many other parts of the world, fish and chips are (quite rightly) routinely annointed with salt and vinegar to enhance their flavour.

This is, however, energetically wasteful, as the salt has to be dried, crystallised, boxed and transported. Then it ends up in solution in the vinegar.

SO: Take a supply of sea water which is of acceptable purity, filter it, treat it with UV, and pasteurise it. This will take less energy than evaporating it to dry crystals. Add 5% by volume of glacial acetic acid, and some caramel colouring.

The result ? Greener "all in one" salt-and-vinegar condiment.

8th of 7, Jun 02 2008

W C Fields quote http://www.zazzle.c...-235458067753264657
On a T-shirt [neelandan, Jun 03 2008]


       //glacial actetic [sic] acid//
Won't that melt the glaciers and make this somewhat sub-optimally green?
coprocephalous, Jun 02 2008

       SP. fixed.   

       All the glacial acetic acid comes from free-range glaciers in living their natural evnvironment, and does not harm them in any way.
8th of 7, Jun 02 2008

       In some parts of the UK, the option is not 'salt & vinegar' but 'salt & sauce'. Of course, these parts are inhabited by vagrant mutants who revel in the putrid sacrilege of fish & chips...
Jinbish, Jun 02 2008

       (+) Too bad it'll never make it to NE USA. I had to so all the way to Nova Scotia to even find vinegar as a condiment.   

       PS Is the caramel color to make it "malt" vinegar?
MisterQED, Jun 02 2008

       I like it, apart from the caramel.
nineteenthly, Jun 02 2008

       //had to so all the way to Nova Scotia to even find vinegar//   

       Reminds me of the Nissan commercial of the guy driving to New England, over his luch break, for clam chowder.   

       I'd grab a bottle of it, if I saw it on the table at Cpt. D's.
MikeD, Jun 02 2008

       I keep thinking of the s**t they pump into the sea.
po, Jun 02 2008

       I'm tempted to quote W C Fields' take on why he didn't drink water. Something to do with the amorous dalliances of the denizens of the said watery bodies.
neelandan, Jun 03 2008

       sp: Ah-sea-tic acid
4whom, Jun 03 2008

       Yum. [po], did you know that Jesus breathed 7 molecules of every breath you take? Give or take a few...
daseva, Jun 03 2008

       //7 molecules//
haven't asked any theology experts (note to self: annoy theology expert at nearest opportunity) but I don't think being in the presence is enough to impart any blessedishness to stuff. But if it was just a random comment, then you could include other things that have passed around or through.

       "every breath you take.... I'll be watching you...."
sorta comforting if you're a Christian then.
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2008

       [daseva] I just don't believe those stats and by the same logic his urine is in every bottle of pickled onions.
po, Jun 03 2008

       which of course would explain why vampires avoid pickled onions.
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2008

       hmm, I always assumed it was the garlik.   

       [po & daseva] (to the tune of "chug, chug, chug, chug")   

       math, math, math, math...
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2008

       // Ah-sea-tic acid //   

       [4whom], it's not big, and it's not clever.
8th of 7, Jun 04 2008

       Sounds good. +
nomocrow, Jun 05 2008

       FT, not quite sure what you are saying but there are far too many variables for me to believe those stats.
po, Jun 05 2008

       I like the idea but wouldn't it make it difficult to control your salt intake if the condiment already had the salt in it? It may lead to slightly soggier chips but would a suspension of liquid sea salt be better?
Miss Weston Smith, Jun 06 2008

       Yes, true. But if you're worried about dietary sodium, you probably shouldn't be eating fish and chips anyway ....
8th of 7, Jun 06 2008


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