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Pope's Jewels

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Cast the recently deceased John Paul the second's testicles, into a set of marketable worry beads for catholics. When sins have occured, simply say three hail marys and give his balls a good knead.
benfrost, Apr 28 2005

Pope Joan http://en.wikipedia...ope_Joan#The_Legend
"Testiculos habet!"
"Deo Gratias" [calum, Apr 28 2005]


       Baked. Right here.
reensure, Apr 28 2005

       I understand the fishbones, but c'mon, this has real market potential !   

       Even the act of kneading the beads would produce more guilt and more kneading of the beads....
sophocles, Apr 28 2005

       That is a great link on the Pope Joan. I especially like the reuse of Roman bidets as thrones / testicle examiners.
bungston, Apr 29 2005

       // understand the fishbones, but c'mon, this has real market potential //   

       No it doesn't, there's only one pair.
zeno, Apr 29 2005

       Wow, is there really such interest in the foreskin of [jezushchrist]? great factoid btw.
zeno, Apr 30 2005

       I'm giving this one a fishbone for use of the word "factoid" from an otherwise respectable poster.
disbomber, Apr 30 2005

       The balls would have to have some sort of warming device, as cold ones wouldn't really soothe. Maybe some simulated grey hairs for effect and 'made in china' on the under side.
benfrost, Apr 30 2005

       ahhh, the holy trinity
benfrost, Apr 30 2005

       He kept bulls as well didn't he?
gnomethang, Apr 30 2005

       [Ben] I was thinking about a similar idea involving repressed catholics, dildos with psalms printed on them, and, of course, a cast of JPII's penis.
Blumster, Apr 30 2005

       What's wrong with factoid?
zeno, May 01 2005

       ..it sounds better backwards....
skinflaps, May 01 2005

       [Ian Tindale] you are devilish. poor mickey.
benfrost, May 04 2005

       Okay, first of all, that is really gross and wrong. Who would actually want to knead the Pope's balls? Certainly not me. And second of all, I'm fairly new to this site, so what does the fishbone mean?
hobbitcoat, May 04 2005

       //Who would actually want to knead the Pope's balls?// - [Benfrost] would.   

       //so what does the fishbone mean?// - Everyone agrees with your assessment.
wagster, May 04 2005

       Croissant - Gooooood! Fishbone - baaaaaad!   

       It's an unscientific rating of your idea by other users of this site who care to take the time to press the for/against links.   

       Meaningless to some, total self-worth meter to others. Kind of like 'Is my idea hot or not?'
Soterios, May 04 2005

       This is just so...wrong.   

       And yet it feels so .... no wait, still wrong.
hidden truths, May 04 2005

       Okay, that's what I thought the fishbones were for, but I wasn't completely sure.   

       //since they're celibate it's probably a legitamate use// No way is it a legitimate use! The fact is that it's gross and besides, would any guy feel comfortable if someone used their balls as prayer beads after they died? No, I didn't think so.
hobbitcoat, May 05 2005


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