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time tourism

your destination is a time, not a place
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You can't actually go back in time, but a travel and tourism service gives you the experience! Actors and period locations and sets make it seem as if you had travelled to say 1950.

Not merely re-enactment or historical interpreters. Not merely an "interactive" exhibit for an hour or so. A full-blown re-creation of the world and people, and you go there and live in that world. Well designed and constructed, no anachronisms. Even ideas and attitudes as if you'd stepped into that 1950 street. For your vacation, you go to 1950. How long will you be staying with us?

Naturally this would be expensive. And probably limited to a few times to pick from. But tourism is often like that, and seems to find customers.

jpk, Nov 02 2017


       // Actors and period locations and sets make it seem as if you had travelled to say 1950. //   

       You've never been to New Zealand, have you ?   

       "Ladies and gentlemen, we are now commencing our approach to Auckland... please put your watch back sixty years ... "
8th of 7, Nov 02 2017

       There's also Gibraltar - 1976, always.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 02 2017

       And Noble.   

       I spent one summer employed at the main gate of a ren fair - They just dialed the date back three hundred years and omitted the pestilence and pox.
normzone, Nov 02 2017

       Visited any historic fort lately? Greenfield Village?
RayfordSteele, Nov 02 2017

       There is a Philip K Dick novel, now wait for last year, where people build mini environments on mars out of scavenged antiques and robots/hired actors.
beanangel, Nov 02 2017

       [Ian] is right about Barnes; I once lived there for a month. But there's more; it's not only mentally displaced in time but also in space. As you can see from the map in the link, it is an inner suburb of London, but many of the cars parked there sported "countryside alliance" stickers, the post took an extra two or three days to arrive there (as if it were a remote Scottish island) and, strangest of all, the morning rush hour saw crowds of commuters streaming southward to the main-line railway station. Why is this strange? Because you can get to central London much faster by walking north to the nearest bus stop - but the Barnesians were inhibited from doing this, because it would mean admitting to themselves that *they live in London*.
pertinax, Nov 02 2017

       Barnes has a nature reserve called: "Leg O Mutton".   

       London, I don't know if I miss you or not.
mylodon, Nov 02 2017


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