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Shampoo bottle centrifuge

or ketchup/honey/barbecue sauce/ any other bottle which contains a viscus liquid
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a small shelf with a memory foam pan attached to a motor to spin it at high velocity to get all the last little bit of shampoo out those damded pointy bottles that you cant stand on their head. the shelf should have clamp like attachments on the sides to hold the bottle in place while in use. while not in use, it doubles as a soap dish/ extra shelf.

Edit [04/24/06]: 12" arm w/ shelf and clamps as described above. hand crank driven on a 5:1 gear ratio. (1 turn of the handle gets 5 turns of bottle). this should give enough force to pull viscous products to the cap of said bottles. i think, i dont really know, im sure someone out there could tell me.

bleh, Apr 19 2006

(?) Shampoo Bars for dry and itchy skin http://www.vermontsoap.com/bar.html
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

Shampoo Bars for dreadlocks http://www.knottybo...ty_boy_shampoo_bar/
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

Burt's Bees Shampoo Bar http://www.burtsbee...showSubCategory=yes
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

goddamn pointy shampoo bottle in question http://pics.drugsto...odimg/79183/200.jpg
[bleh, Apr 21 2006]

method of power Method_20of_20Power...Bottle_20Centrifuge
[bleh, Mar 23 2007]

Townshend technique http://www.youtube....watch?v=WW4lOQRgR9o
substitute bottle for pick [bungston, Apr 11 2011]


       I'm all for it but design in some safety shields or something...I've worked with some industrial centrifuges and they are fierce creatures.
normzone, Apr 19 2006

       ok, ill add a plexi/lucite shield around the whole thing, with a small door to axcess said product.
bleh, Apr 19 2006

       Use bar shampoo instead.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 19 2006

       they make bar shampoo?
bleh, Apr 19 2006

       <-- Yes.   

       In practice, you don't actually need a centrifuge - just one or two good swings of your arm will suffice. Works for ketchup, works for shampoo. Just remember to cap it first, and stay clear of the wall.
jutta, Apr 19 2006

       well ill be damned. bar shampoo, what will they think of next... as for swinging the arm, i have a small stand up shower with no tub that doesnt leave much room for arm swinging, though this is my current solution.
bleh, Apr 19 2006

       [A little relieved this is not a proposal for a cut-rate nuclear program.]   

       Once upon a time, I used to leave near-empty shampoo bottles upside down, so the shampoo would collect neat the cap. Back when I had to worry about washing my hair.
DrCurry, Apr 19 2006

       drCurry--- thats the problem with the pointy bottles, you cant stand them on end, though after consideration, this idea may be redundant, as the shelf with clamps to hold the bottle would suffice to keep it on end and thus get every last drop of shampoo out. but i still like the idea of a shampoo bottle spinning at high rpm while im standing next to it naked.-- we need more centrifuges in daily life.
bleh, Apr 19 2006

       I read this idea and thought - "Why not just design a stand for holding those pointy bottles upside down? It would be cheaper and more practical."   

       Amazing how the hb zeitgeist can leave you if you stay away in normal-land for a couple of weeks.
wagster, Apr 19 2006

       I just take the top off, add water, shake and shampoo. Is that wrong?
baconbrain, Apr 20 2006

       Yes, it is. Read the label, it specifically says not to do that. Actually, what they recommend is only to use half the bottle, then throw it away and buy the latest trendy shampoo, and repeat.
normzone, Apr 20 2006

       //im cheap damnit//
Well, spaces and punctuation are free. That should be right up your alley.
phundug, Apr 21 2006

bleh, Apr 21 2006

       Not to brag or anything but *I* have a wire shelf in my shower with a couple of holes in it to hold various bottles upside down. Got it at Target, I did. Of course, I have the same problem as [DrCurry].   

       Signed, Chromedome
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 22 2006

       revised today with more specific design.
bleh, Apr 24 2006

       And you have created yet another excuse for those embarassing face down trips to the emergency room.   

       "I was whirling the shampoo bottle in the centrifuge when it slipped loose and flew past me to ricochet off the wall behind me and well, you can figure out the rest."
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 24 2006

       Bar shampoo? Do you mean "beer shampoo"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 24 2006

       over-complicated power method linked.
bleh, Mar 23 2007

       Bar shampoo. Will wonders never cease...   

       And to think, back in high school, I accused people of washing their hair with bar soap as a silly insult.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 23 2007

       For chocolate syrup you only need to add milk and shake the bottle. You get a great tasting milk shake.
pashute, Apr 11 2011


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