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Zeno's Football

Modification to football match to make it more interesting
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In Zeno's Football both goal nets, at either end of the pitch, are set into rails located just below the surface of the grass.

Once the game has been started, small motors cause the nets to slowly advance towards each other. As they converge, and the space separating them diminishes, the game becomes increasingly frantic until the nets finally meet in the centre, trapping all twenty two players inside.

xenzag, Jun 23 2006


       Nobody wins!
nihilo, Jun 23 2006

       The score would increase exponentially as the game progressed. No more of those 1-0 games. (And an inspired category choice.)
ldischler, Jun 23 2006

       i suggest some form of this in the stands. buying snacks and taking bathroom breaks would become more frantic, and it would prevent riots when a well-supported team loses.
tcarson, Jun 23 2006

       + haha, now this sounds like some football I would like to watch.
xandram, Jun 24 2006

       This would be interesting watching a penalty shoot out.
skinflaps, Jun 24 2006

       To merit the name, arrange it so they never quite meet.   

       This should probably be another idea, but perhaps the goalkeeper, instead of being on the pitch, should be able to move the goal left and right to avoid shots?
david_scothern, Jun 24 2006

       But by half time they'd be close enough for all practical purposes.
egbert, Jun 24 2006


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