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Terminal disease

Dangerous jobs agency
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You have just been given a short time to live by your doctors. How about going along to the Dangerous Jobs Agency to be given a task no healthy person would want: eg roadsweeping in Chernobyl. Steering Hubble telescope back to earth. Infiltrating Al Quaeda. etc

Make the most of your last days: Contribute to the human race- you are, after all, God's gift to the rest of us.

Don't die, a woose.

Of course, you may consider your whole life is a terminal condition...

Cockroach, Aug 16 2003

Terminally ill palestinian child http://www.reliefwe...6392f2?OpenDocument
Bashir is terminally ill with a metabolic disease and says he would like to do ``something good'' for his people before he dies. [Brummo, Oct 04 2004]

Army Of God http://www.armyofgod.com/AOGsel5B.html
Army Of God advocating terminally ill to attack abortion clinics (see section "FFF. TERMINAL COURAGE") [Brummo, Oct 04 2004]


       What's in it for the terminally ill to go on a suicide mission? A large cash sum for their surviving family? A contribution to their charity? Grant a last dream wish? Wasn't this in Minority Report?
wombat, Aug 16 2003

       Whats in it for the terminally ill to do nothing? I am not advocating useless and despairing suicide, but a last brave life affirming act
Cockroach, Aug 16 2003

       //no healty person would want// I think is the problem for me. Now, if the agency offered a job that a healthy - and sane - person would *really* like, but would shy away from because the risks just couldn't be justified - that might be considered //making the most of your last days//.
lurch, Aug 16 2003

       Relatively speaking, we all have a short time left to live. Your reasoning is not so far from how the suicide bombers reason. Nice irony. The God reference doesn't make it any less obvious.
Brummo, Aug 16 2003

       I don't want to be a woose! (whatever that is) Please, sign me up, [Cockroach]! ... *cough cough*   



       Before ... it's ... too ....... *ka-thunk*
k_sra, Aug 16 2003

       Porn Star   

       Oh, *Erk* Baby
thumbwax, Aug 17 2003

       I'll tell you what - if I do get a terminal disease (please, gods, don't give me a terminal disease), send me to the Moon with supplies and a load of building materials, and I'll get started on the International Lunar Station for my remaining days.   

       I get to go to the Moon, and help humanity at the same time.
friendlyfire, Aug 17 2003


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