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Slither Psychiatry

intelligent psychiatric advice based on Slither.io data
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There should be an intelligent classification of Slither deaths and then psychiatric advice dispensed based on that classification.

I find myself very clumsey on Slither whereas I am not in real life. It makes me think that maybe I really am clumsy in real life but I have learned my routines so well that I rarely make mistakes. And Slither brings the clumsiness back by essentializing gestural communication -- putting me in a position where I have to make split second decisions that I dont have to in real life. I am also one of those people who keep getting stuck in those, "oh no after you" fights that were a problem for early google autocars.

So the classification could start with, "commits accidental suicide whenever a bigger worm comes into the field of view" and psychanalyze up from there.

JesusHChrist, Feb 01 2017

YouTube: Roy Jay https://www.youtube...watch?v=-17KvXrtTWM
The words Slither and Psychiatry somehow sparked this memory from the 80's [zen_tom, Feb 02 2017]

Snakisms https://pippinbarr.github.io/SNAKISMS/
Would you settle for Slither philosophy? [Cuit_au_Four, Mar 06 2017]


       Well, there are certainly dumber ideas than basing a complex psychiatric diagnosis on something as simple as failure modes in a game involving animated worms. I'll think of one of them soon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2017

       Actually [8th] will probably beat me to it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2017

       I confess, I went and tried the game ... Reminded me of why I don't play video games.   

       So I went and downloaded Goat Simulator ... Reminded me of why I don't download games.   

       Fortunately, that should do me for a few years - I'm a man of the books by nature. Not to be confused with being a bookie, that's something else entirely.
normzone, Feb 02 2017

       Never download Goat Stimulator.
pocmloc, Feb 03 2017

       Thank you for that (Cuit) that is beautiful. Makes me think I heard once that the origin of Hindu was people of the Pomegranate. Also makes me think you could solve for tones of voice on suicide hotlines for instance using copyright infringement algorithms. And it made me remember from some book that DNA is like snakes and ladders put together.
JesusHChrist, Mar 06 2017

       /It makes me think that maybe I really am clumsy in real life but I have learned my routines so well that I rarely make mistakes./   

       This is an excellent insight and a first rate proposition. We develop long term workarounds for our weaknesses that become so smooth that we are unaware those weaknesses still exist, until we stumble up against them in the context of the unfamiliar.   

       There may not be names for these weaknesses but they could be named after the failure modes representing them in Slither (or other games), as you say. A business model could be one along the lines of Lumosity which as I understand it charges adults hundreds of dollars to be allowed to play simple video games which purport to improve the players. BUNGCO is envious of their craft and cunning.
bungston, Mar 08 2017


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