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Vegetarian Slither

slither.io without the killing
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I play slither for emotional support. The gestures of the other worms are just enough soul to soul contact to keep me addicted and coming back for more.

I was thinking that maybe it was one of those ego death games where you practice dieing over and over and losing your soul until it doesn't hurt anymore, but it still hurts to die.

It would be great if they would just take out the killing part so that the worms go right through each other and get bigger by eating vegetative food that just grows out of the ground, and then to cull the herd there would be random violence from a vengeful god, killing random worms who would then start over again as small worms.

The vegetation could be more colorful and more of the screen could be taken up by color, so that in some places it would just be tangles of swirling color from intersecting worms and vegetation, like a moving Jackson polack painting, and other places it would be more sparse.

It would be more meditative than regular slither which titilates your reward systems maybe too much.

Every once in a while there would be a mushroom vegetable that is shaped differently than the rest of the vegetation, like a reward, and the worm that eats it would level up to another dimension.

JesusHChrist, Jan 25 2017


       For a second there I thought you were thinking of a vegetarian version of the horror film with killer aubergines or something. Anyway, [+].
nineteenthly, Jan 26 2017


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