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Tumbleweed Emoticon

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For bad jokes, awkward annos, lousy ideas,

That's supposed to be a tumbleweed rolling by.

doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2010

Tumbleweed See [MikeOliver] and [nineteenthly]'s annos [Custardguts, Oct 05 2010]


       ........@ surely?
nineteenthly, Oct 04 2010

       No, that's a snail eating Smarties.   

       I think "..*" would be more succinct.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2010

       This doesn't feel original, given the other content on here regarding tumbleweed dispensers (and the ASCII pictures on the "tumbleweed" idea page).
Custardguts, Oct 04 2010

       I didn't see the ASCII pictures you mean - which were they?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2010

       BTW, during this weeks "eat sushi, learn stuff" break I learned that these things are actually "logograms" like the ancients used to write with before the alphabet. Emoticons have their lineage in "determinatives" which are symbols used to give context to a sentence or to add clarification, another trick of ancient writing.   

       So reading about emoticons I found my favorite.   


       It's Cartmen from Southpark saying his signature phrase "Dammit!" Pretty clever that.
doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2010

       //This doesn't feel original//   

       Emoticons represent an idea, emotion, intention...something *else* in other words. This is every bit as original as other emoticons. Nice, [doc]. I can't wait to see someone use this.
Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

       Though it is facinating to consider this a huge repeat of historik writings.
daseva, Oct 05 2010

       + I like it more than other emoticons!
xandram, Oct 05 2010

       I like it better than some, too. I bunned this one, but I think we might be able to refine that tumbleweed a bit.   

       [Max] took it in the right direction, I think, with more succinct. Most emoticons are pretty self- explanatory if you just scrunch your eyes up a little. I'm not sure this one is *quite* half baked.   

       This emoticon would be the perfect annotation for some of the really bizarre ideas proposed here (although none come to mind just now). I think it's worth working on a bit.   

       ...¿ (for instance, just to get the weed rolling.)
Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

       Another possibility. (*/*)   

       I know I sort of abandoned the weed itself, but it's really the reaction we're aiming for, isn't it [doc]? An emoticon that actually represents the rolling TW is a sort of a double metaphor?
Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

       I don't know, double metaphors confuse and frighten me. Like an unfrozen caveman seeing his first 747.
doctorremulac3, Oct 05 2010

       But, that's what I'm saying...Your emoticon represents (is a metaphor for) a tumbleweed rolling by, which is a metaphor for the awkwardness people feel after a lame joke, etc.   

       So, wouldn't it be simpler and more effective to make an emoticon that just represents the awkwardness, IOW, a one-level symbol.   

       I still think your idea to create a new emoticon is great.
Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

       Yea, I get ya. That could work too.
doctorremulac3, Oct 06 2010

       //That could work too.//   

       That reads 'glum' to me. I hope not, I bunned the hell out of this. Perhaps I should have used more emoticons in my anno. More winkies and smiles, definitely no tumbleweeds. ;)
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010


       ACK!!! I'm tumbleweeded [2 fries]!
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010

       That's a pretty good one. Got the little bounce to it.
doctorremulac3, Oct 06 2010


       A little more bounce.
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010

       That was just a suggestion, not a comment.   

       Thank you, [2 fries]. That was weird...I suddenly saw this Tumbleweed Emoticon in a whole new light, as its (apparent) target. I like it even better now.   

       (Be careful when you use this thing, people.)
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010

       I've been using variations of this great emoticon around the HB (applications abound), but haven't quite settled on my favorite version yet (no offense to your original great concept [doc]). There are many versions of smilies, frowns, etc., so why don't we just adopt this idea, in general, and use whichever specific emoticon we prefer?   

       I really like:   

       ..* (so succinct.)   


       ----# (great weed)   


       -^--^--# (nice bounce)
Boomershine, Oct 07 2010

       -_ _*   

       or similar, so that it has a "Ba dum dum, tiss" bounce.
marklar, Oct 07 2010

       Y'all are funny.Very funny. I like this, again. +
blissmiss, Oct 07 2010

       Tumbleweeds roll past when you make a joke that falls flat? Must be a different planet.
infidel, Oct 08 2010

       The teller never notices the Tumbleweeds.
Boomershine, Oct 08 2010

       They rob banks?
infidel, Oct 09 2010

       No, the teller lives on a different planet.
mouseposture, Oct 09 2010

       //Y'all are funny.Very funny. I like this.//
Boomershine, Oct 09 2010


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