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auto emoticon

Auto Emoticons
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It can be a bit frustrating trying to remember the different keyboard shortcuts for emoticons and smilies on IM programs.

A small facial scanner placed on top of the monitor would solve this. It continually scans different areas of the face, and when it detects movement it feeds them into the computer, which interprets them as emotions.

So next time you want to smile, instead of typing :), all you need to do is smile - and your computer will do the rest for you.

Also equipped wih a sound sensor for acronyms such as "lol", "rofl", and "lmao" - although I don't know what rolling on the floor, or someone's a**e falling off sounds like...

shastings, Aug 21 2003


       It would be funny to actually hold people to their word when the claim to be "rotf-ing". People abuse that phrase all the time. A web cam to enforce the truth would be useful.
phundug, Aug 21 2003

       (neutral) I like it, but I don't. I like automating things, but depending on who I'm chatting with, the conversation might be absolutely, distractingly littered with these things. I'm not sure that automatic detection and insertion is the way to go.   

       "small facial scanner" = webcam?
half, Aug 21 2003

       How about a flatbed scanner, so you have to jam your face down on a glass plate when you want an icon?
krelnik, Aug 21 2003

       Reading your idea, what does " :), " mean again - "my goatee just got blown sideways" maybe?
DrCurry, Aug 21 2003

       If you're that hard-pressed it probably doesn't matter anyway. Do you *really* need to show your smiley face? Probably not.
phoenix, Aug 21 2003

       You're gonna see my smiley face, and you're gonna like it!
DeathNinja, Aug 21 2003


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