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"up yours" emoticon

make a universally recognized emoticon for the finger.
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vital portion of email and internet communication that's been missing for some time now. could be a graphic you could also send via sms. ever had those days when there's only one emoticon that could possibly express how you feel? well...
countdemonet, May 27 2003

for [countdemonet] http://www.classicrockforums.com
There's a menu of smilies here. Some perform indecent gestures. Register, select the option to post and you will see the menu. I don't know where they got them from. [snarfyguy, Oct 17 2004]


       There's already an animated smiley that flips you the bird. Close enough?
snarfyguy, May 27 2003

       A Y (or U) would work in Britain, for the two-fingered salute.
DrCurry, May 27 2003

thumbwax, May 27 2003

       yo snarfyguy: yeah? where can i get it?
countdemonet, May 27 2003

       I'm with jutta on this one. Sometimes punctuation just can't cut it. Those bulky word-things definately come into their own when it comes to insulting people.   

       Apparently they also have other uses too...
lostdog, May 27 2003

       countdemonet: see link.
snarfyguy, May 27 2003

       Nah, that's Chaplin
*This* is Hitler

thumbwax, May 28 2003

saker, May 28 2003

       -FloridaManatee, [date]   

       Haven't you noticed?
FloridaManatee, May 28 2003

       I wish there was a permanent anchor link to jutta's annotation in this idea, so that whenever anyone starts complaining about profane language use at the bakery, we can link directly to it.
waugsqueke, May 28 2003

       Wait...before too long it'll be on Thumb's profile.
egbert, May 28 2003

       Could we adopt the # sign for this purpose? It has the advantage of being available on computer keyboards and phone keypads, but this symbol is much like the human appendix, serving no apparent function. It would be a great stress reliever if we could hit it repeatedly when government agencies keep us on perpetual hold.
Canuck, May 28 2003

       [Canuck] Microsoft might be a little put out if people started referring to their Java clone as 'C Up Yours'.
-alx, May 28 2003

       Where? Where? Where'd it go?
thumbwax, May 28 2003

       rotfl it's sad that this is what emoticons are viewed as now. enjoy your fish bone
olympicgoldsk8er, May 28 2003

       heres the emoticon you're searching for: nlm
joker_of_the_deck, May 28 2003

       //rotfl it's sad that this is what emoticons are viewed as now. enjoy your fish bone//   

       Wow. The mourning of the decline of the emoticon's integrity by people who don't capitalize / punctuate. I must be *really* old.
snarfyguy, May 28 2003

       "Java clone?" Heh.
bristolz, May 29 2003

       Microsoft has feelings?
Canuck, Jun 01 2003

       I'll vote for" nlm ".   


       " .l.. " comes in a close second.
whlanteigne, Jun 01 2003

       Voting against. Did not supply the emoticon =€
undata, May 29 2008

       Jutta's anno is now gone. Wonder what it was.   

       Ascii art: ┌ ∩ ┐ (◣ _◢) ┌ ∩ ┐   

       use Cyrillic (Russian) D   

( ))
pashute, Nov 16 2015


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